HUPD Police Log 2/7-2/27: Indecent Exposure and Incessant Alarm Clock

HUPD By Lauren G. Volpert

February is a short month, but the with the Valentine’s Day spike in hormones and snow day delirium, HUPD still had a lot on their plate. The occasional failed romantic gesture here, an indecent exposure there; you never know what the HUPD logs will bring. As part of our Securitas Series, we've combed through recent HUPD logs and published some of the more colorful entries below.

February 7

Fogg Museum

1:49 AM Officers dispatched to a report of individuals smoking marijuana outside of the building. Officers arrived and report individuals gone on arrival.

I mean, it’s called the Fogg for a reason right? Heh. Heh.

February 15

Currier House C

0:35 AM Officers dispatched to a report of a party going on in the building and possible minors being in possession of alcohol. Officers arrived and report negative results.

On a college campus?! Shucks, I’ll be darned.

Leverett House Towers F

4:52 AM Officer dispatched to take a report of indecent exposure.

To be fair, the “naked man” works 2/3’s of the time.

February 18

Greenough Hall North

7:25 AM Officer dispatched to a report of an alarm clock constantly going off in a room. Officer arrived and report guard turned off alarm.


February 19

Adams House C

0:55 AM Officer dispatched to a report of an unknown individual that had entered an individual's room while they were in the shower. Officer arrived and spoke to the reporting party who stated it was a misunderstanding, it was their neighbor knocking on their wall.

Sorry, bro… Can I still borrow some dryer sheets?

February 25

Soldiers Field Park Garage

1:47 PM Officers dispatched to a report of an individual not allowing people on or off a shuttle bus. Officers arrived and report individual was intoxicated and was unaware they were on a private shuttle. Officers escorted the individual off the property and then sent them on their way.

“Wazzzz ddaaa passssword home-skillabiscuit????????”

February 27

Grays Hall East

5:15 PM Officer dispatched to a report of property damage. Officer arrived and report broken window due to a falling icicle.

This one’s a slippery bastard, chief. They call him… the Ice Man.

Science Center

6:48 PM Officers dispatched to a report of an individual causing a disturbance by screaming and yelling on their phone.


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