Depending on your concentration, midterms are either almost over or nearing completion, but the tears are most definitely not. What better way to wallow in self-pity than to binge-watch a new TV show?

Here’s a suggestion: Suits

{image id=1325338 size=large caption=true byline=true} Set in New York City, the series explores the journey of a normal guy, Mike Ross, as he finesses his way into a respectable law firm (which only hires graduates of Harvard Law) and becomes an associate for arguably the best lawyer in the city. And by finesse, we mean he pretends to be a Harvard grad when he’s actually a college dropout. As Harvard students plagued with imposter-syndrome, we’re all too familiar with the mantra "fake it till you make it."

If you think that everything in life will be smooth sailing because you’re going to end up with a Harvard degree, well…think again. Even if you get your hands on a pretty decent job, Suits shows how your “bright” Harvard self can be overrated in the real world. The producers consistently parody the life of a typical Harvard grad, especially the job application process. Picture a dozen or so folks wearing the same exact suit and tie, all lined up to kiss the interviewer’s tush, anxiously reciting their resumes which list about a trillion different activities. Sound familiar?

After reading all of this, we're pretty confident in saying that if this show suits you, or at least some of you, watch. We could all use a reality check about life outside the bubble.