How to Hypothetically Celebrate Boston's First Legal 4/20

By Fiona E Lewis

Hey, man. Not to be blunt, but you should probably know by now that Massachusetts decided to puff, puff, pass the legislation that makes recreational marijuana legal for the 21+ crowd. Let’s be honest, we all knew California was going to legalize that green goodness, but Massachusetts? Pretty sure not too many people had high hopes. However, our trusty ol’ Commonwealth decided to light one up for all the cannabis crusaders and approve this dope law. In honor of the first 4/20 in post-legalization Massachusetts, we’ve grinded out the details of what would be the dankest spots to hit up today if we lived in a world where Harvard—and the federal government—let smoking on campus fly.

The River - A favorite of campus potheads, the river provides the ideal outdoor vibes for all your smoking needs. Not recommended January through March, when gloves and a pre-rolled joint are necessary, but ideal for late April.

Cabot Rooftop - For all you quadlings who are partial to chronic, Cabot rooftop gives you both privacy and a sick view. Day or night, this high-up spot is a great place to get high. Other roofs for reefin’ include the Carpenter Center and the Science Center.

Fogg Museum Steps - It’s literally called the Fogg, guys. This spot is a favorite of the seasoned smoker, and definitely a good one for a chillier night. Head down the staircase that leads to the basement of the museum and light up under the shelter provided by questionably clean concrete walls. Flashlight optional.

Cambridge Commons - Meeting up with a smoke squad of both quadlings and river homies? This spot is the perfect compromise. For the spookier crowd, there’s always the cemetery across the way. Just make sure you don’t confuse smoke clouds for ghosts.

Lowell Community Garden - Grass belongs in a garden, so what better place to light up than our very own community garden? For all the blazers who frequent the esteemed establishments of Mt. Auburn Street on the weekends, take a break from dancing on tabletops to consume some grade-A kush.

Your Room - For the lazy blazers. But hey, those fire escapes are pretty rad.

We’re definitely not saying you should make a trip to these locations today. That would be wrong. But maybe these spots will convince Snoop to play at Yardfest next time around.

Editor’s Note: Smoking in public spaces is still illegal under Massachusetts legislation. Read more about the nuances of Massachusetts’s marijuana laws here, and about Harvard’s drug and alcohol policies here, which prohibit smoking on campus.

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