Top Five Roundup: Head of the Charles

Hot cider, fried dough, and buttered lobster rolls were among the delicious offerings from HOCR food vendors.
Hot cider, fried dough, and buttered lobster rolls were among the delicious offerings from HOCR food vendors. By Anneli L. Tostar

This weekend at Harvard was packed with tourists, rowers, and other college students at the Head of the Charles Regatta. From the endless stream of boats to the variety of concession stands along the river, there was a lot to take in during this event. Here is Flyby’s takeaway of the top five spots at the Regatta.

1. Hot Buttered Lobster Roll Truck

Sure, it was $21, but that roll was a shining light among the sea of greasy fast foods. With chunks of delectable crustacea in a hotdog-like bun, the treat tasted even more delectable consumed along the breezy shores of the Charles River.

2. The Bridge

The bridge is just an everyday structure we use to get to the Athletic Complex, but during the Regatta, it is a prime viewing spot for the boats that zip through the river. Watching the teams coordinate their paddles and get verbally roused by the cockswain up close, we felt like a part of the action. From the bridge, we really started to get an appreciation for the beauty of this hyped-up Harvard sport.

3. The Dogs

It was perfect weather this weekend for a long dog-walk across the river, and we felt lucky to see so many adorable pups dot the banks of the Charles. We spotted two big boy Saint Bernards, a sweater-wearing chihuahua, and a blue-eyed huskie.

4. La Croix Sponsored Games

Watching boats go by all day long can get tiring, so these backyard games offered a refreshing break from the main event. Not only did La Croix set up an aesthetically-pleasing stand to promote their drinks, but the representatives also set up a gigantic Connect 4 and cornhole arena.

5. $5 Fried Dough Stand

Forget the hotdog, the stuffed baked potato, and the hot cider. The fried dough was to die for, and at $5 a serving, this was a must-have at the otherwise-overpriced Regatta.

The Head of the Charles is a time-honored tradition, and even if you aren’t a big fan of rowing, there is always something for everyone at this event. We’re glad we went.

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