Which Annenberg Table Are You?

Visualize your place.
Visualize your place. By Allison G. Lee

We’ve finally settled into our daily Annenberg routines, stumbling past tourists and swiping with John before sitting down at our Berg table of choice. As it turns out, there’s no better predictor of personality than the fateful dining hall seating choice — cue high school cafeteria flashbacks. Read on to discover your dhall personality.

1. Your afternoon class got cancelled. How will you spend your time?

a. Go for a run along the Charles or hit the Mac

b. Take a nap

c. Meet in the library cuz you are excited to discuss the reading

d. Read a novel holed up in your single

e. Start on the PSET that came out earlier in the day

2. You forgot to do your math PSET and it’s due in two hours. What will you do?

a. Tell your professor you had other commitments (last-minute club meeting?)

b. Wouldn't bother to make up an excuse

c. Contact all your classmates to borrow someone's homework

d. Don't go to class

e. That wouldn’t happen

3. You get to Annenberg at 10:30, 12, or 1:30 and there’s a long line. What do you do?

a. Go out to a restaurant

b. Go to the salad line or vegan line

c. Strike up a convo with the person in front of you

d. Stay in line, staring at your phone, hoping no one will talk to you

e. Come back later

4. You wake up at 6 a.m. by accident. What now?

a. By accident? There was practice!

b. Press snooze and keep waking up every ten minutes

c. Call your friend to see if they’re awake too

d. You slept through your blaring alarm which woke up all your fuming roommates

e. Get up and be productive

5. A tourist comes up to you and asks for a good spot to check out on campus. You recommend:

a. Harvard Stadium

b. John Harvard Statue

c. Science Center

d. Nothing, and you walk away as fast as you can

e. Widener Steps

6. You find yourself in Annenberg, sitting across from your crush. What pick-up line do you use?

a. If we were playing tennis, I'd let you score all the points so I'll always be in Love.

b. You’re like Felipe’s — convenient, affordable, and available at 4 am.

c. Are you a decreasing variable cost, cuz you have my profits rising.

d. What is a pick-up line?

e. Are you my homework, cuz I want to do you all night long.

7. Which is your favorite study spot?

a. Friend's room

b. In your room

c. Smith Center

d. You'd rather not say

e. Widener's Quiet Room

8. It’s Friday night...where are you?

a. Raging until 10 p.m. and then in bed — gotta be up early on Saturday!

b. Any party within a 5-minute walk?

c. There’s an IOP mixer tonight!

d. Laundry — gotta beat the weekend rush!

e. Standing at Cabot library, crying because Cabot closed at 5.

If you got:

Mostly As: Tables 1-3. Maybe you’re an athlete, you enjoy the blasts of cold air, or it’s the only place you could find a table big enough to seat all your friends.

Mostly Bs: A-row tables. Either you’re always in a rush or you’re very lazy. Try sitting somewhere else for a change.

Mostly Cs: B-row tables. Chances are you’re a prospective Econ or Gov major.

Mostly Ds: C-row tables. No one comes this far, so you really want to be left alone.

Mostly Es: Tables 15-17. You’re hard core and have dived headfirst into Harvard academics. You like it so much this side of the dhall that you might even become a proctor one day (or take care of the screaming babies).

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