Science and Cooking Lecture Series
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There's nothing like zoning out in a lecture just as your professor tells you exactly what to expect on the midterm. We've all had these internal dialogues before.

Woohoo, woke up at 9 a.m. for a 9 a.m. class and still made it to class on time. Go me. Go Harvard Time.

Wait, wasn’t there an article that said they were getting rid of Harvard Time? No no no no please no. If there were no Harvard Time, I’d actually have to wake up before 9 a.m. for my 9 a.m. class. The audacity!

Crap did I bring my homework...

Shit shit shit shit shit–found it!

God bless. That would’ve been bad. I stayed up so late last night finishing this damn pset.

I wonder who else stayed up last night finishing the pset. Nobody looks particularly tired today. Maybe everyone but me has their life together. Maybe I should try Red Bull.

Today, I GET MY SHIT TOGETHER. Grrrr...the Lululemon logo on that girl’s headband is staring me down. I get it okay? I’ll go to the gym after class.

But I’m hungry...

Can the TF please explain things properly and stop trying to relate to the youth? “The marginal benefit of Starbucks making another latte?” Stop trying to make economics cool, it’s never going to happen. Now I want a latte. Oh and maybe a chocolate croissant. And a bagel?

Food food food food.


Why doesn’t “food” sound like “hood.” It looks like it should sound like “hood.” Or “good.”

Bood...cood...dood…dude?! Why is “dude” spelled like “dude” but “food” isn’t spelled like “fude”?

Fude. Fuuuude. Fuuuuude. Fuuuuuu-

Now the TF is staring at me. Bruh, I’ve already had enough guilt-tripping from Ms. Lululemon over there. Did I accidentally say “fude” aloud?

Fud? Feed? Thank god, he looked away. I can break eye contact and return my eyes to the cutie in the corner. Wow, he has a nice back-of-head thing going on. He’s a real looker, but no match for the main attraction:

The clock. Don’t worry babe, you have all my attention.

Yes, I love the way you tick on. Almost there, 9:45 a.m. You got this.

Wow, this TF is reallllly trying to teach until the end of the hour. I believed in you. I would laugh at your “hip” economics analogies if you let us out just five minutes early. Ugh.

Good...hood...jood...kood...lood...mood…I am so hungry.

Forget “Naked and Afraid,” I’m Hungry and Exhausted. A new hit show starring every student at Harvard.

Need to focus. Hungry. Focus. Hungry. Focus. Hocus. Pocus.

What even is this graph? Oh man, I actually think I remember this graph from the textbook reading I skimmed over last night. Maybe I can ask a question about this graph, and the TF will like me because I’m so obviously engaged and I clearly pored over the Principles of Economics.

Yeah, I’m gonna raise my ha—class is over? What? Omg it’s already 10:01. But I didn’t learn anything. No, wait, don’t turn off the powerpoint I just need to copy down that last sli–