How To Do Massachusetts Apple Picking Right

Shiny and picture-ready.
Shiny and picture-ready. By Cindy Li

Fall is creeping up on us, so if apple-picking fantasies haven’t hit you yet, I hate to break it to you: you’re not basic enough. Considered to be one of the most wholesome activities of all time (and a core college experience), it’s impossible not to fall in love with apple picking. Read on to find out how to make your apple-picking experience applesolutely amazing!

“Honey, I’m home...and we’re going apple picking!”

Even though neither peaches nor cherries are currently available for picking here, your fall semester is not complete without a pit stop at Honey Pot Hill Orchards. From fruit picking to hay rides to farm animals, it’s not (orc)hard to choose Honey Pot Hill Orchards. (No, they are not sponsoring this article.)

Apple picking? I thought we were apple pic-ing!

If you truly want to capture the full apple picking experience, I can tell you right now that there is no better lighting nor a more radiant backdrop than that found in an apple orchard. Pro tip: to make your photo shoot wishes come true, rub that apple like a genie’s lamp for a gleaming apple to match your million-watt smile.

Butter up your apple-picking squad! bringing your own butter. To truly have a delicious (albeit extra) experience, come armed with a knife and your favorite cookie butter/peanut butter/almond butter selection with which you can dip your freshly picked apples.

Con-cider yourself an expert.

Don’t forget to grab some apple cider donuts and a bottle of apple cider to savor as you amble through the whimsical apple orchard to get the full autumn experience. Warning: don’t eat too many apples or you might get autumny-ache.

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