Dunster Sophomore Common Room
Achieve this level of cute common room #goals.

We know some of you still haven’t decorated your common room, and, let’s be honest, we haven’t really either. Not to worry, because we’ve rounded up the quickest ways to make your room #goals.


For a complete ~lewk~ go on Pinterest and find a dorm room to essentially copy. You know you wouldn’t be able to come up with a better one on your own.

Hang up Twinkle Lights

A key component of any of the aforementioned Pinterest rooms, twinkle lights easily spruce up a space. They add a really cozy vibe, and look nice in photos!

Buy a Succulent

Succulents have lots of pros: they look nice and are almost as easy to take care of as a fake plant, but have the added bonus of not being a fake plant. And if you’re like us and manage to kill one, they’re relatively inexpensive.

Use Your Bookshelf

Most people ignore the pesky Harvard-provided bookshelves because they can take up space, but we’re here to tell you not to! Even if it’s just with your required reading and textbooks, filling up your bookshelf makes the room look more homey.

Print photos at CVS

If a wall collage of all the most adorbs photos of you and your blockmates/ roommates is more your style, you can go online (or just go in-store!) and order and print photographs at CVS for reasonably cheap. They almost always have a promotion going on where if you order a certain amount, you get them for a reduced price!

Spice up your life and decorate your common space! You’ll thank us later when your friends and family assume you have your life together because of it.