Love it or Hate it: Couples' Costumes

By Maddie Sewani

Love it: Impress us with your creativity — Christine Mui

Why not have matching costumes? At least this way, you’re less likely to lose sight of your significant or not-so-significant other over Halloweekend. Is your S.O. the type of person who ghosts in person? Wearing matching costumes means they’ll have to stick by you the rest of the night for people to understand their costume. Couple costumes are also the best solution to last-minute lack of creativity, for Halloween at least. If you dress up as a black cat on your own, you’re basic. Add in a matching mouse costume, though, and suddenly, it’s cute while giving the illusion of effort. Likewise, cheetah costumes can easily get lost in a crowd. But, upgrade it by getting that person you made out with at the First Chance Dance to dress up as a Cheeto, and you’re a snack (literally)!

Couple costumes also bring you one step closer to trapping that special somebody right before cuffing season. You’ll be guaranteed someone who’s willing to sacrifice their Canada Goose to the Cambridge snow and deliver you snacks, so you can stay full while skimming the first and last paragraphs of your readings. Also, remember that this is Harvard — never stop thinking about future opportunities. In case they become the next Mark Zuckerberg, nothing says “hire me” more than a picture of your Daenerys and Khal Drago costumes that were haphazardly thrown together from your blockmates’ closets stapled to your resume.

This Halloweekend, remember that hangovers will fade along with your memories of the night, but Instagram is forever. And what better to post on your feed than a matching costume?

Hate It: Save your relationship celebrations for Valentine’s Day— Anna M. Peters

Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Moth and Lamp. Plug and Socket. The list is terrifying and endless. We all love to hate couple’s costumes, but just in case you didn’t already, here are a few of the reasons.

First of all, we get it, you guys love each other. You’re cuffed. There’s no need to dress like it. Second, the time and effort that needs to go into planning and coordinating a unique, authentic couple’s costume is ridiculous. Let’s be real, who actually has the energy for that? Our schedules are already packed with classes, meetings, and of course, our fave: psets.

If those reasons aren’t convincing enough, when are couple’s costumes actually cute instead of cringey? We mean, if you’re extremely talented, then you could finesse your way into making it look original and fun. But, chances are that it won’t, so quit while you’re ahead. Lastly, rumor has it you have to actually have a significant other to do this — upsetting, we know. Even if you are able to execute the art of concocting an original, cute, non-cringey couple’s costume, you have to have a S.O. to wear it with. We don’t need Halloween to be Valentine’s Day 2.0.

At the end of the day, we can’t stop you if your heart’s deepest desire is to get spooky with your boo, but don’t say we didn’t warn you

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