Quiz: Which MAC Workout Class Are You?

By Amy Y. Li

Whether your go-to workout spot is the Malkin Athletic Center, Hemingway, or the walk from the Quad, the MAC offers free classes for students that are worth trying out. But before you blindly enter into a total body conditioning class you were not prepared for, take this quiz to find out which workout class best fits your vibe:

1) What time do you get up in the morning?

A) 6 a.m.

B) 8 a.m.

C) 10 a.m.

D) It’s different every day

2) What does your ideal Saturday night look like?

A) Getting ahead on the readings for next week

B) Trying out a new restaurant in Boston with friends

C) Watching Netflix

D) Partying even if it means you have to go to the Quad

3) What is your go-to snack?

A) Protein bar

B) Yogurt parfait

C) Chips

D) Literally anything I love food

4) What is your most-used social media platform?

A) Social media is a waste of time

B) Instagram

C) I scroll through Facebook and Instagram once a day

D) Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, and LinkedIn — the works

5) How do you choose an outfit?

A) Carefully plan it the night before based on the projected forecast

B) Pick a cute matching fit because I know I have class with my section crush

C) Jeans go with everything

D) All my clothes are cool, so I’ll look good no matter what I pair together


Mostly A’s — Total Body Conditioning

You do not mess around when it comes to the workout grind. You like to challenge yourself to the max with a strict program, and you can handle whatever moves the instructor throws your way.

Mostly B’s — Yoga

You’re all about maintaining your aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t ready to break a sweat in the name of health and wellness.

Mostly C’s — Zumba

You’re just here for a good time. Working on your fire body roll and laughing at how ridiculous you and your friends look are the perfect ways to get in some exercise.

Mostly D’s — Individual Workout

You make your own rules, and your workout routine is no exception. Why would you want some stranger yelling at you to “set the tone for the week” when you can be using a fancy elliptical as you listen to your curated Spotify playlist?

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