The Ultimate Balancing Act: A Guide to the HUDS Paper Cup

By Courtesy of HUDS

When we say balancing act, we’re not referring to how you’re doing “so well” taking five classes, doing three different consulting clubs, and only spending two nights a week in Lamont. We mean something far, far more impressive: the HUDS paper cup. Though you could of course use this little disposable (and eco-friendly) miracle for its intended purpose, it’s way more fun to think of all the ways to stuff as much as possible into it for every meal (if you can get past the judgemental stares of the HUDS staff and your fellow classmates).


After weeks of the same old plate full of eggs, mushy fruit, and cereal, why not try something new in a fun, disposable container? Just think of all the friends you’ll make in your 9:00 a.m. when you come in with armfuls of mid-class snacks!

If you’re looking for something sweet, we all know that pancakes are actually just a vehicle for syrup, so get a full cup of syrup and a pancake to go with it! Feeling more on the savory side? Here’s a cup we like to call the “deconstructed egg sandwich”: just use hash browns as a bread base and pile in the eggs and bacon plus seasonings of choice.


We all know the struggle of trying find time to sit down and eat with the Harvard Time-less schedule, especially when we forget about our friends over at the hyphenated Fly-By. When your schedule just doesn’t seem to work out, the HUDS paper cup is there to help you speed through the lines before your next strangely-timed class.

On these chilly fall days, we like to at least pretend to be clever by filling up a heaping bowl of the best chili HUDS has to offer (personally I’m a white chicken fan). Just don’t forget to grab a piece of bread for dipping to really complete the “warm meal by a fireplace” vibes. Or if you’re feeling like an adventure into the salad bar, toss in your lettuce of choice, make it hearty with beans, chicken, or some other protein, and throw in all the toppings and dressing you can fit. You’ll never need to drop another $10 for a Sweetgreen salad again!


Sometimes, we all need a little touch of class in our lives – candles and cloth napkins not included. Whether it’s a break from p-set grinding with friends or an evening with that special someone (we’re looking at you, d-hall crush!), a meal served exclusively in these little cups can be a welcome change from the typical HUDS green tray.

For those who want to get bougie af: simply load up your cup with rice, order a fried egg from the grill, whip up your sauce as you wait, and add veggies plus your sauce and egg to your rice for some high quality HUDS-style fried rice. And don’t forget dessert! Fill that cup to the brim with a nice swirl of ice cream, drizzle on plenty of chocolate syrup and whipped cream from the fridges, and if you’re feeling creative, add in whatever fruit they have to offer that day. (After all, if it has fruit it counts as healthy, right?)

In the end, we’re a firm believer that any meal can be greatly improved with a HUDS paper cup. Just make sure to grab some cutlery and napkins, and you’re all set for your paper cup meal!

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