{image id=1328978 size=large caption="In our eyes, the moose took this one home pretty handily" byline=true}We ranked the Housing Day videos, now we’re here to tell you which houses had the best Housing Day t-shirts!

1) Dunster

Dunster reps a dark blue shirt with the Canada Goose logo but redesigned as “Canada Moose.” This look hits all the right notes: The pun is simple; the reference makes sense; the colors are on point. The most impressive part? Dunster somehow managed to take one of the bougiest brands and make it even more exclusive. Totally on brand.

2) Pforzheimer

It seems like multiple houses looked to fashion for inspiration. Pfoho’s black shirt features the Patagonia logo but redesigned to feature the house’s outline and the word “Pforzheimer.” The logo is distinctive and the reference is nice too: Polar bears and cold weather gear go hand in hand.

3) Kirkland

Kirkland went with a summer camp logo with a boar’s head in a blue circle surrounded by leaves and the words “Camp Kirkland.” It’s cartoony and whimsical, which is a little unusual but makes for a unique aesthetic. A good design and points for going against the trend.

4) Cabot

Another house, another clothing brand design. Cabot’s “Supreme” redesign is an all-white shirt with a red rectangle in the middle and the words “Semper Cor.” It’s plain and simple but the style it references is too so the look is fine. It’s a good design choice but feels like it is missing just a little something to put it over others.

5) Mather

What would college be without references to cheap beer? Mather redesigned the Miller High Life logo as “Mather House Life.” The logo works well and the colors pop. All in all a fun reference and appropriate to college life.

6) Adams

This black shirt features a little acorn logo made up of the words “Go Nuts.” The simple look makes the red and gold that is synonymous with Adams stand out and the simple graphic of Adams’s tower on the back is very cute. As for the slogan itself, it’s a cute logo and pun and does the job well enough.

7) Quincy

Quincy’s all-red shirt features a little penguin with sunglasses and the words “Some of y’all didn’t get Quincy... and it shows.” Twitter memes are fleeting and while the joke is amusing now, I’m concerned about the survivability of this design. It’s a nice enough reference, however, and the penguin logo is unreasonably cute if nothing else.

8) Eliot

Eliot’s shield is the only thing on the front of their blue shirt. It’s a pretty bold move to assume your house shield can speak for itself, but Eliot manages to pull it off. It’s a simple design but good enough. When it comes to these shirts, sometimes less is more.

9) Currier

Similar to others, Currier went the luxury route and echoes an exclusive brand. Their black shirt features the white Chanel double-C logo with the word “Currier” below it. The connection here, however, is less clear. Did they choose Chanel only for the C?

10) Leverett

Lev’s shirt has nothing but the word “Leverett” on the front but with a pair of rabbit ears replacing the letter V. The bunny ears are a cute touch, but they’re not enough to make the shirt stand out. A nice concept, but they could have done better on the execution.

11) Lowell

This design doesn’t really hit any of the right notes. The front of the shirt features the Lowell house shield and name while the back has a teacup graphic and the phrase “We’re steep competition.” The combo in the front is a little boring, the pun is not great, and there’s no mention of the renovations which seems like a missed opportunity.

12) Winthrop

All-white shirt with a tiny lion logo and the words Winthrop Housing Day 2019 in the corner. Plain color. Plain font. Plain logo. So much empty space. So much wasted potential.