{image id=1332147 size=large caption=false byline=true}Have you ever looked up from your pset and wondered when someone was going to sweep you off your feet and end your misery? Do you often rewatch your favorite rom-com while sobbing uncontrollably at the futility of your existence? Do you sit and wonder how you are platonically friends with so many attractive people? If any of this sounds remotely relatable, foresee the end of your loveless life by taking this Harvard soulmate quiz.

1) What would you consider the most romantic gift?

A) “Bayes Theorem for Babies”

B) An invitation to connect on LinkedIn

C) A bouquet of something that smells nice

D) Being surprised with your favorite vinyl

E) Chocolate

2) What is your third-wheeling style?

A) Making nerdy jokes the significant other won’t understand

B) Flirting with the significant other in hopes of breaking up the relationship just because you can

C) Following the couple around on dates while maintaining a safe distance

D) Sitting in a corner alone to sulk

E) Becoming three-way BFFs and thereby eliminating your role as a third wheel

3) What is your go-to rom-com?

A) “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

B) “Set It Up”

C) “Love Actually”

D) “Pitch Perfect”

E) “Mean Girls”

4) What trait do you value most in a significant other?

A) Honesty

B) Ambition

C) Sincerity

D) Attentiveness

E) Confidence

5) Describe your behavior around a crush

A) Nervous laughter

B) Normal because you don’t even realize you’re in love

C) Shy and reserved

D) Shooting them starry-eyed glances

E) Roasting someone is the best way to show your affection, right?

6) What is the location of your ideal date?

A) At Lamont Library, where you can sneak glances at them over the top of your textbook

B) At Starbucks, where you can pretend to be absorbed in your coffee whenever they catch you staring

C) While taking a walk, where you can gaze at them lovingly while they’re not looking at you

D) At a concert where you can look at them suggestively whenever a particularly romantic lyric arises

E) At a party where you can show off your fire dance moves

7) Which of these most closely matches your worst nightmare?

A) Not completing your pset on time

B) Messing up an interview and not landing your dream job

C) Being labelled the college klutz (oh wait you already are)

D) Playing a wrong note during an orchestra performance

E) Being outwitted by the annoying section kid


Mostly As - You will fall in love with your pset buddy! Maybe you’ll lock gazes during a study break and use homework as an excuse to spend time together. Who knows? Maybe with enough time, the chemistry between you guys won’t be from a textbook!

Mostly Bs - We’ve all had those cutthroat classroom rivalries fraught with tension in high school — the heated debates, the struggle to ask better questions than each other, the subtle corrections and shade throwing. Now that you’re all grown up, maybe they’ll slip you their business card at a recruiting event and you can fall in love After all, they do say that there’s a thin line between love and hate

Mostly Cs - Prince Charming awaits you! While you will not rush out of a ball at midnight (we all know a good party lasts way past 1 a.m., this person is always there to help you carry your stack of books out from Widener when the clock strikes midnight. Be prepared to be swept off your feet by a mysterious dreamy stranger.

Mostly Ds - The edgy arts scene at Harvard has you in its grasp, and you walk into a slam poetry contest or concert, exchanging deep glances with the star performer who suavely asks you out after the show. Be prepared to be serenaded, though let’s hope he doesn’t take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book if things don’t end up working out.

Mostly Es - Throwing caution to the wind, you drink all your stress away, and while you are at the optimal buzz, you are approached by an equally drunk stranger with whom you laugh a little too loudly and whose name you miraculously still remember the next morning. After some Gatorade, you’ll switch those hangovers into hangouts.