Which HUDS Classic Are You?

By Parul Agarwal

1. It’s Friday night! What’s your go-to routine?

A) Whatever my friends are up to! I’m always down for a good time!

B) Wherever the night takes me!

C) Rolling whichever JCR has the most people in it.

D) Probably streaming a new Netflix original, but I could be convinced to ditch my PJs for a good time.

2. What’s your favorite study nook?

A) LamCaf! It’s got cozy couches, sunshine, and soft conversation as ambience… what else could you possibly need?

B) The depths of the Widener stacks. It may be a labyrinth in there, but you sure can get into the grind.

C) A common room or dhall. I need some activity around me to remember that there’s life outside of this study guide.

D) Usually in my room with a cup of tea. It’s easier to focus in my own space.

3. If you had to pick a Harvard quirk/tradition to describe yourself, it would be…

A) Datamatch

B) Using every word but “Harvard” to name the school I attend when asked.

C) John Harvard’s Foot

D) Housing Day

4. You just matched with your dhall crush on Tinder! Where’s your first date?

A) Exploring Quincy Market and taking some ~sweet~ pictures downtown!

B) Probably museum-hopping or exploring Boston. The less of a plan, the better!

C) Checking out a concert and then food afterward.

D) A movie night at my place!

5. How do you relax after a stressful midterm?

A) Grab some Jefe’s with my friends and complain about how vague the questions were.

B) Watch Black Mirror until I forget that we don’t live in a technological dystopia.

C) Grind at the gym until I can’t remember what subject my test was on.

D) A classic treat yo’self night — spend absurd amounts of BoardPlus and marathon TV.

Mostly A’s… Cookie Bar

You’re super sweet, a fan favorite, and hard to find. Like the beloved HUDS dessert, the sight of you can turn anyone’s day around, and you pair perfectly with anything. A rare combination, but we love you all the more for it.

Mostly B’s… Red’s Best Catch

Mysterious, changes week to week, appreciated by a select few… You’re Red’s Best Catch! You might identify a little more with the brooding loner stereotype than you care to admit, but that doesn’t mean you’re without fans!

Mostly C’s… Curly Fries

You’re an all-star in every respect. You can steal the spotlight of any show, and people can never get enough of you (speaking as someone who has loaded up a plate of just curly fries at the dhall).

Mostly D’s… Grilled Cheese from the Grill

Dependable, but still a delight! Just like the students that rely on the Grill to rescue them from a particularly ~creative~ meal, you’re always there in times of need

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