What Type of Everyday Consulting Should You Do?

By Ryosuke Takashima

With recruitment season in full swing, you may be bogged down with applications and interviews, and if not, you’re instead bogged down by people complaining about said applications, interviews, and networking nights. Where’s it all going? Take this quiz to see what kind of consulting you should actually be doing.

1) You’re feeling down today. What do you do?

A) Uber Eats boba. Or DoorDash a burrito. Either way, have some (non-dhall) comfort food.

B) Go through your inbox. Those 10 unread emails are the root cause of my mood!

C) Obviously, check my horoscope. Is Mercury in retrograde?

D) Rearrange my room. I need to clear my head and right now, that bookcase must be moved.

2) You’re in class and feeling bored. What sounds the most appealing to you?

A) Looking at the Flyby webpage to check out what’s for lunch.

B) Browsing my emails — I have to reply to my advisor.

C) Checking out CoStar or some other app that tells me about the compatibility of my star sign with the cute person from section.

D) Going through my files and making sure they’re all super neat and organized

3) You woke up late and missed class. What’s your first thought?

A) Oh no! I missed breakfast! I need my daily omelet.

B) I have to email my TF!

C) My horoscope did tell me that today would not be my day.

D) I’ve got to get up and make my bed!

4) You have some time in between classes. Where do you decide to get some work done?

A) Either Lamont Cafe or Cafe Pamplona — depending on my BoardPlus situation at the moment.

B) Probably Cabot Library — it’s the most conducive environment for working.

C) Smith Campus Center balcony. I like to have a clear view of the sky as I do some work.

D) Widener – the books are all arranged so nicely.


Mostly A’s: Gastronomical Consulting

You are a true food connoisseur, or at least you’re hoping to be. You’re destined to be a food consultant, flying around the world to help Michelin-starred restaurants try out their newest recipes. Ditch the slide decks and instead prepare your palate for your worldly travels. For now, keep on submitting Yelp reviews to one day achieve the elite status you deserve.

Mostly B’s: Email-ogical Consulting

Does seeing any unread emails give you immediate anxiety? If you can’t get to an email right away do you constantly worry? You may possibly be very attached to your inbox. Still, hone your skills and turn your passion for emails into a career by helping others evaluate, organize, and clear their inboxes. Your work will forever be appreciated.

Mostly C’s: Astrological Consulting

When you meet someone new, do you immediately try to guess their star sign? Are you fascinated by the stars? You are meant to be an astrological consultant, helping people make sense of their horoscopes and helping them down the path of life by way of star signs.

Mostly D’s: Organizational Consulting

Everything you own is super neat and organized, and you pride yourself on your ability to help others whip their lives in shape. Organizational consulting may be the best bet for you career-wise.

Not satisfied with these choices? Check out other everyday consulting jobs in other exciting fields, such as horticulture and nail polish naming.

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