{shortcode-cd8a2ac107eb119ad61f78aa5f39b2bc240cb7dd}Yeah, that’s right, the time you’ve all been waiting for: Housing Market 2020 is officially out! Whether you’re a freshman praying to the housing gods or an upperclassman reminiscing on River Run 2017, our annual Housing Market feature answers all your burning questions about House life on campus.

3/5/20: In classic Housing Market fashion, we’re kicking it off with the good ol’ Quad. Check out what our writers discovered about Cabot, Currier, and Pforzheimer. Scared of being quadded? Think again.

3/6/20: With less than a week until Housing Day 2020, we're taking you to River East, the home of Dunster, Leverett, and Mather. Thanks to our writers, you'll know everything there is to know about these three amazing houses.

3/9/20: The clock is ticking — Housing Day 2020 is just three days away... With that we bring you River West, where you can find Eliot, Kirkland, and Winthrop.

3/10/20: So... Housing Day 2020 may have been postponed for now. But that's okay. While we're waiting for its new date, rest assured that you have all the information you could ever need! Finally, we present the Houses in the Square: Adams, Lowell, and Quincy.