{shortcode-5da6cf21166506d0b6fe826f244d958e29389b5f}Sure, they may look dapper, but I can’t help but have some questions. Are they going on an adventure on their scooter to a punch event… perhaps. But, I can also choose to believe that an even cooler destination is in store on a Tuesday evening. If you too want to ask some nicely dressed people a question as you contemplate your own life on your way to Lamont at 9 p.m., here are some starting points to get the convo flowing.

Hey, is that tux rented? (If yes, did your scooter come with the rental?)

I appreciate a nice usage of alternative transportation — scooters, bikes, legs, shuttle. For research purposes, I also would like to know where the tux is from. We love seeing people in suits scooting at 9 p.m.! I would just like to join!

Who’s your prom date?

Another subtle way to inquire about the suit and the vibes. You could even offer to snap some pics for mom, I’m sure she would appreciate that! Bonus: a lowkey (highkey?) assertion that they could pass for high schoolers…

Can I have your pocket square?

We’ve seen a few spiffy men in suits with pocket squares. But the question remains, can I have it? Please?

Going to the Hamptons? Me too.

This is perfect for someone wearing a tan or linen suit. We may officially be in fall, but fashion (as well as Cambridge weather) knows no boundaries. It’s also a great time to assure them that you, too, are in the *know*.

Where’s the wedding?

Are you a groomsman? Perhaps a flower girl? Maybe a bridesmaid? Regardless, I hope there’s cake where you’re headed. And, you know, not just social pressure and even more people dressed in suits.

All in all, we enjoy seeing people in suits looking fancy. Just as geese must fly south for the winter, so too must the suits emerge for punch season. At least that means cuffing season is not far behind?