{shortcode-d65a847d816cf42ba217d86eceedaca2621cb677}If Starbucks had to be sacrificed, it better be good. While HSA may be taking over the location with The Harvard Shop, it still left us wondering... what could be a cool new addition to the collection of stores & restaurants in the Square? Never fear — Flyby has you covered with a list of options that students ~actually~ want to see in the Square.

An 18+ Club — It’s Time.

No more catching the train to Boston or MIT, have all your fun in the Square. Yes, that’s right, you’ll only have to wobble in your heels across the Yard.

Apple Store

You cracked your iPhone? You realize you actually do ~need~ that iPad to do your PSETs? You lost your Apple pen? Seeing how I found three pens just yesterday at Cabot, an Apple store is a must to bring to Harvard. While you’re there, buy some noise cancelling Airpods if you’re feeling unprepared for one of Harvard’s three traditions: the primal scream — coming to you this Wednesday! Mark your calendars ;)

Competition For That Pricey Pharmacy

Since when did we resort to a pharmacy for our groceries? They don’t even sell brown sugar. They sell milk for $5. They have a monopoly (no, I did not take Ec10a: Introduction to Microeconomics) on our groceries. So… it’s time to introduce some competition. Costco? H Mart? Walmart? TARGET >>>. Heck, I’d settle for Trader Joe’s.

Grab & Go Breakfast

Just one shop that opens at 5 a.m., please. It’s almost finals season and I need to be able to satisfy my early morning (or all nighter mid study break) cravings. I don’t want to wait until 7:30 a.m. for my yogurt, and I also don’t want to miss another breakfast because I slept in. It’s time to have a grab & go in the Square filled with pastries, warm breakfast and fruit other than melons — pre-packaged and affordable.

Cute Bookstore Cafes for Your Upcoming Meet Cute

Can there ever be enough places to study and grab coffee? For cute Instagrammable photos? For the beginning of a real life cute rom-com? The answer is no, especially when there are unique cafe ideas from around the world to steal borrow ideas from. Cafes with sticky notes covering the walls with supportive messages, cafes covered in pink, cafes with puppies to pet or cafes inspired by comics — the options are endless. Add in a bookstore and the ambience is even more perfect.

Special Mention: Border Cafe

Class of 2025 and 2024, it’s okay to be confused. I am too. But according to alumni and upperclassmen, Border Cafe used to sit on Church Street. From winning Flyby’s guac competition to being a hub for social events, it is clear that Border held a special place in everyone’s heart. Unfortunately, it closed its doors after 34 years in the Square when a two alarm fire broke out — leaving future generations of Harvard students to never experience the iconic experience of eating at Border. No, Harvard did not ~buy~ out Border Cafe, but it needs to bring it back asap.

Not Another Merch Store

Was the Coop, the Harvard Shop, and the dozen other Harvard Shirt Stores not enough? Even H&M is selling Harvard merchandise. It’s time for the merch stores and the Square to take a break. My wallet simply cannot handle it.

While the shock of Starbucks closing hasn’t completely worn off, it’s time to forgive HSA for their (crime) completely (not) okay shutting down of our (favorite) coffee shop. The convenience of Starbucks being located next to the Smith Campus Center and the Yard will be ~missed~ but I suppose it’s time to try ~something new~. Anyone want to go get Peet’s?