{shortcode-005068533a92f10115b19096c215e0fb56362d42}At this point, we pretty much have already formed our opinions about Wellness Days and their (or lack thereof) effectiveness. However, I gotta admit, back on Feb. 5, the first-ever Wellness Day, I had very high hopes for a restful and relaxing day where I could just chill in bed all day without giving a single thought about deadlines. The reality, however, was not as nice. Now that we’re back for yet another supposed day of wellness, enjoy a walk down memory lane through our first-ever Wellness Day.

February 5, 2021

2 a.m.: Surprise! Time to Pack

Just when I thought I struck gold by getting a suite in Grays, aka “The Harvard Hilton,” the living situation ended up not ~quite~ working out. Hence, at the end of only my second week on campus, my suitemate and I found ourselves packing up our recently-unpacked suitcases to prepare for our move to Matthews.

8 a.m.: Outside of Matthews

The move began with us standing outside of Matthews for 10 minutes, waiting for our ID card to be activated so we could actually come into the building. However, we had no time to chill — with 11 suitcases and multiple small bags between my suitemate and me, it took a few additional hours to move everything out of Grays and towards Matthews.

11 a.m.: Bed Sweet Bed

Sure, the bed was kinda dusty, and I was too tired to unpack my stuff and put the sheet on the mattress, but by that point, I was too happy for a chance to finally lie down than to complain.

1 p.m.: Attempted to Unpack

Yes, attempted. As of this moment, I still have half my stuff in my suitcase, and the common room has pretty much become a permanent storage place, rather than, you know, an actual common room. Oh well, with Covid, it’s not like we’ll need the space to party anyway.

2 p.m.: Let the Zoom's Begin

To be fair, I really did not have class that Friday. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, everything moves online. That means club meetings, interviews, meetings with mentors and advisors, etc. are all Zoom. I wonder if the people I saw on Zoom could notice the dead look in my eyes.

4:30 p.m.: Mass General Hospital

At 4:30 p.m. sharp, I ventured outside for the 10th time that day to head to Massachusetts General Hospital. But for good reasons! A friend of mine was getting the Covid-19 vaccine, and they had asked me to go with them for moral support. It was the closest I’ve gotten to a vaccine yet. Alas.

7 p.m.: Annenberg

We got back just in time for dinner! And like most Fridays, HUDS was having their delicious New England Clam Chowder! Yummy. Will it ever be the same as actual sit-down meals in Annenberg? Maybe not. But it was just the ~wellness meal~ I needed.

9 p.m.: Sleep!


11 p.m.: Sike!

Just kidding, I forgot that I had an assignment due at midnight. Wellness Day who?

February 6, 2021

12:05 a.m.: Sleep (For Real This Time!)

I was so tired I practically passed out.

Yeah, my first-ever Wellness Day was not very restful, but at least I now know to adjust my expectations for our next Wellness Days. Does today’s feel somehow even sadder knowing that we would usually have spring break right now? Of course. I promise I wouldn’t go anywhere! Just let me sleep for a week! Please!