Learn a Language and Pick Your Tutor with Preply

Why learn a new language? For a study abroad program, to prepare or classes, for job opportunities at international companies, or for fun? The answer to all of these is yes, and Preply makes this decision even easier.

Learn a Language and Pick Your Tutor with Preply


Learning a New Language

Why learn a new language? Should students do it for a Harvard language citation? For a study abroad program? For job opportunities at international companies? For fun? The answer to all of these is yes.

The tricky decision is not whether or not to learn a new language, it’s how. With so many services, platforms, and textbooks out there, getting started can seem overwhelming. Luckily, for Harvard students and many others, Preply makes this decision easy. No matter your language level, you will benefit from using Preply, a platform that provides live one-on-one language lessons. Preply’s virtual platform is convenient, customizable, and effective for taking your skills to the next level.


A Place for Beginners

On Preply, there is a tutor match available for every student’s language learning needs. Let’s say a student has just found out about receiving a language citation at Harvard, and she has always wanted to learn Spanish. Preply would be the perfect place to start learning the fundamentals. A Preply tutor could help her expand her vocabulary, nail down different conjugations, and develop the basic conversational skills needed to feel confident in the classroom.

The key to locking down a strong foundation in a language and reaching the intermediate level is to consistently practice speaking, listening. It can sometimes be hard to self-motivate, but tutors from Preply will help you find set times in your schedule to commit to improving your language skills.


Go from Intermediate to Advanced

After students develop a strong foundation with Preply’s specialized, native-speaking tutors, Preply still has more to offer. Tutors can also properly prepare students for their study abroad programs. With countries gradually reopening, study abroad opportunities at Harvard and other universities will finally be back on the table. When students immerse themselves in the language and culture of a new country, lists of vocabulary and grammar worksheets truly come to life. However, to make the most of this experience, a strong starting point is essential. Preply will help students reach this level and make the most of studying abroad.

Pursue the Path to Fluency

When students return from a study abroad program or a summer off after taking advanced classes, they still need to continue immersing themselves in the language to maintain skills. Setting aside time to review complex concepts or simply talking to a native speaker is crucial. Preply provides just this, as they offer tutors whose specialties are helping you brush up on advanced skills and work to achieve fluency.

With Preply’s help, students can be ready for the high level language classes needed to secure a language citation at Harvard. Moreover, with Preply’s help, students can become ready to apply their language proficiency to the workplace. An extra language can bolster a student’s resume and enable them to apply to international companies and jobs abroad. With Preply, students can brush up on their advanced language skills and achieve fluency as one-on-one lessons fit into their schedules.


About Preply

Founded in 2012, Preply began as a small startup with the vision of showcasing to the world what good language learning looks like. Since then, Preply has quickly grown to a community of over 140,000 tutors from over 200 countries. Much of Preply’s growth and success can be attributed to its simple but effective language learning process.

Learners begin by selecting the best language tutor for them, using filters to narrow their search until they’ve found the perfect fit. Once they’ve chosen a tutor, learners then schedule a lesson, choosing from a wide variety of times to accommodate their busy schedules. All that’s left is for learners to connect with their tutors through Preply’s comprehensive video platform, allowing the learning process to begin.

If you’re interested in learning a new language, Preply is currently offering students a 15 percent discount on private language lessons, making now a better time than ever to start.

Whether you want to bolster your resumé, prepare for academic language exams, or prepare for a semester abroad, this discount is a great way to get started. With over 40,000 tutors around the world, there’s always a tutor available that fits your budget and schedule.


Teach Others on Preply

Preply is not only a great place to learn, but the platform also provides exceptional student job opportunities. Becoming a tutor allows you to set your own hours and connect with thousands of learners all over the globe. Sign up to start teaching English or a foreign language on your own schedule, setting your own rate.

Life at Harvard is always busy and students’ schedules change from week to week, so Preply provides an ideal opportunity for a part-time job. You can carve out time to work Saturday afternoons and change plans if you’re traveling out to an event like Harvard-Yale.

To apply to become a tutor, simply fill out the form on Preply’s website, enter your availability schedule and an introduction video, and await approval from Preply’s tutor verification team. Once you get started, you can take a break at any time and hide your profile from prospective new students with a click of a button.

Becoming a Preply tutor is an incredible opportunity to help others learn and could be the perfect part-time job for you!


Join Preply today

Whether you want to teach or learn a new language, Preply is the place to do it. Come see why Preply continues to grow every day and browse through tutors on Preply’s dynamic platform. With travel and a return to language classes on the horizon, sharpening your skills with Preply will help you prepare for anything.