Magnetize your Summer with Easy to Apply Glamnetic Lashes

Thanks to Glamnetic, there is now a magnetic solution to the universal struggle of applying false eyelashes, or “falsies”. This start-up has rocked the beauty industry, becoming a multi-million dollar success story in just one year.


If you wear false eyelashes, or “falsies”, then you may have experienced the terror of holding a lash glue applicator — your worst enemy for the next hour —in front of the mirror. You may have experienced the anguish of expensive lash glue messily coating your hands, eyelids, and natural lashes, all in the name of the classic false eyelash look.

Thanks to Glamnetic, there is now a magnetic solution to the universal struggle of applying false eyelashes, or “falsies”. This start-up has rocked the beauty industry with its innovative magnetic lashes, becoming a multi-million dollar success story in just one year. Adding to this extraordinary feat are that year’s circumstances: Glamnetic achieved its success during a time when people were stuck in their homes, when quarantine casual and Zoom filters became the name of everyone’s stay-at-home fashion game. The question is, how?

Glamnetic’s Revolutionary Routine

Glamentic’s magnetic lashes are not only innovative, but also low-maintenance enough to fit into everyone’s two-minute “I’m actually keeping my camera on today” make-up routine. The next level beauty start-up offers a variety of lashes in different lengths, thicknesses, and styles on its website. No matter the style, Glamnetic’s lashes work seamlessly.



Paired with an innovative magnetic eyeliner, the lovely lashes snap securely into place while offering easy adjustment and effortless wear. Unlike eyelash glue counterparts, Glamnetic’s eyeliner’s magnetic components are FDA approved and non-toxic, making it safe to use around the eyes. Glamnetic’s products are wholly ingenious, and behind them is an inspiring origin story.

Ann’s Story

Upon facing frustrations with the difficulty of false eyelashes, then University of California, Los Angeles student Ann McFarren decided to revolutionize the application of false eyelashes for all. With her creative background and a few thousand dollars, Ann founded Glamnetic: a company whose iconic, easy-to-apply magnetic eyeliner makes flawless lashes accessible for any occasion, any time of day, and any eye shape.


Ann has continuously improved the quality of her lashes: The current version has a lifetime of up to 60 uses. Consequently, the cost-per-wear of Glamnetic lashes is less than that of traditional false eyelashes. Not only are the lashes cost-effective, but they are also made from high quality vegan and mink sources. It is no surprise that, in just a year, Ann and her co-founder Kevin Gould have turned Glamnetic into a multi-million dollar business success story that continues to grow and empower lash-wearers everywhere.

Glamnetic for Everyone

And Ann truly means everywhere. It has always been important to her that everyone, no matter their eye shape, has an eyelash that fits them perfectly. This can be seen most clearly on Glamnetic’s Instagram: The representation of their lashes on a variety of beautiful eye shapes highlights that Glamnetic lashes really are for everyone.

Now, as the world re-opens, everyone is ready to spend their summer looking amazing, feeling on top of the world, and living life to the fullest. There’s not a moment to waste on harder-to-use lashes, especially as college students with jam-packed calendars. In other words, now that Glamnetic has revolutionized the false eyelash market, there is no other time-saving lash we would rather wear daily to work and on special nights out.



There is also no time-saving lash with as much customizability. With over 60 options on Glamnetic’s website, it can be an exciting, yet daunting task to find the perfect fit. Fortunately, Glamentic’s offers a 90-second Lash Quiz. After inputting a few facts about your eye shape and personality, you receive personalized recommendations. The website additionally provides users with a lash guide, where they summarize their plethora of lash styles, from Lush to Bella to Verified to Power.



Dazzle with Glamnetic

Luckily for lash-wearers everywhere, Glamnetic’s innovation just keeps growing. With its newest “Uncensored” collection, Glamnetic unveiled seven luxurious black magnetic lashes that will make anyone look like a celebrity. From the short wispy lash Hollywood to the medium cat-eye Hustler, there is a look for everyone. Pair your new lashes with one of Glamnetic’s silk face masks, and you are ready for any type of hangout, whether it be picnics by the Charles, study sessions in cafes, or parties in the Quad.

Before you check out, be sure to sign up for Glamnetic’s Rewards program! Rewards include free lashes and gift cards, and you can earn 150 Glam Cash Points just for creating an account. For college students especially, the best feeling is finding discounts and saving time while still fueling a lash obsession.


Try on Glamnetic Today

Not only do Glamnetic’s lashes save you application time, but its packages also ship in under a week with tracking, of course. If waiting for that sparkling silver package and little pink magnetic box feels too long, check out Glamnetic’s A.I. Instagram filter, and try on your lash order ahead of time! Just click the link, open your Instagram, then try your lashes on! That way, you can snap a quick selfie to showcase your new look to all of your friends.

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