Enhance Your Virtual Learning Experience with MindMeister

It’s easy for students and faculty alike to feel like they’re just going through the motions of online school. But, it’s even easier to make your virtual learning experience more engaging this semester with MindMeister. Learn how MindMeister can help you!

Enhance Your Virtual Learning Experience with MindMeister


With the Covid-19 pandemic having swept the globe, we find ourselves in a learning environment that lacks excitement and interactivity. Clearly, the 2020-2021 school year is not exactly what any of us signed up for. The monotony of glaring over pre-recorded lectures has replaced the excitement of experiencing the typical theatrics of your computer science lecture, awkward Zoom study sessions have replaced late nights of grinding out econ problem sets in Lamont, and virtual learning pods have replaced time spent getting hands-on experience in the lab.

It’s easy for students and faculty alike to feel like they’re just going through the motions of online school. But, it’s even easier to make your virtual learning experience more engaging this semester with MindMeister. Take your notes to the next level with MindMeister's award-winning mind mapping tool. Mind mapping allows you to visualize complex problems in a manageable and simple way, increasing your comprehension and knowledge retention. Boost your productivity and creativity with MindMeister as you take notes, collaborate with others, and plan your projects.

Whether you are presenting a case analysis to your client, creating an organized fundraising campaign for your affinity group, or outlining your daunting senior thesis, MindMeister can help you produce comprehensible, professional-looking notes and presentations. MindMeister offers an abundance of interactive map templates specific to business, education, life, and productivity purposes. Get inspired by visiting MindMeister’s Public Maps Universe, where you can find an endless amount of pre-made mind maps. To make things even easier, MindMeister also offers tutorials that can make you a mind-mapping pro in no time.



Take effective notes

Feel like you’re mindlessly copying down entire lecture slides word for word? Studies have shown that exact transcription is detrimental to learning. Instead, make connections between your thoughts and establish hierarchies between ideas using mind mapping so that you truly take in the information. Using MindMeister’s easy-to-use formatting and customizable features, you will be sure to have the best notes in your class! With a clean and coherent mind map, your next French history paper will be a breeze.


Don’t just write out your thinking process; see it. With MindMeister’s capabilities, enhance the visual element of your note taking and assignment planning. Insert links to different websites or embed images in your maps and seamlessly organize lecture notes by color coding core points. Choose to explore MindMeister’s library of templates or create a map from scratch; the possibilities are endless.

Collaborate with your classmates

As if the distance between Lowell and Cabot was not enough, time differences have taken coordination difficulties to the next level. Luckily, MindMeister can help solve some of these issues. Whether you are on or off campus, you can still communicate effectively in real time with MindMeister’s collaborative features. Invite an unlimited number of friends to edit and collaborate on your map. Brainstorm together and provide feedback by commenting and voting on different ideas without modifying the content of the map. You can even embed your friends’ maps inside your own to put your ideas together more effectively! MindMeister’s collaborative capabilities will ensure that you and your project partners stay on the same page.


Plan your team’s projects

Navigating the virtual landscape can be especially hard when working with a dispersed team. Whether you are forming a recommendation for a consulting case or planning your publication’s monthly issue, task management is essential for turning ideas into actionable deliverables. Mind map your workflow in MindMeister, then start assigning tasks in MeisterTask: Meister’s collaborative task management tool.

MeisterTask enables users to assign tasks to specific individuals and set due dates. With the click of a button, connect your account to MeisterTask and establish a seamless workflow by setting priorities, indicating task completion, and creating email reminders. After your project management map is complete, present it to your team with a dynamic slideshow, then start assigning tasks in MeisterTask. With Meister, you will never get behind on a project!


Choose the plan that’s best for you!

MindMeister offers three different plans for its users: Basic, Personal, and Pro.

Collaborate, share, and import three different mind maps with the Basic Plan for free. Trying to illustrate your path from data analysis to conclusion for your lab group members? Upgrade to the Personal Plan for the ability to export your work to your classmates or students and have access to an unlimited number of mind maps. Ready to take your website development team to the next level? Searching for a way to make breakout rooms more enjoyable? Try out MindMeister’s Pro Plan for Word and Powerpoint export capabilities and a more collaborative workspace with a G Suite for a top-notch mind mapping experience.


Are you a student or faculty member?

Teachers and students all over the world have experienced great success with MindMeister; you can too! Check out MindMeister’s Education Pricing for a 50 percent discount off your plan. Take advantage of this special pricing to unleash your creative potential and thrive amid the virtual landscape. You can easily sync this award-winning program across devices to fully immerse yourself, your team members, or your students in the simple yet effective experience of mindmapping. Start using MindMeister today to foster a critical thinking and learning environment as you take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.