It's more than just skin-deep: Feel and look amazing with Bubble Skincare


*Sabrina is a fictional character whose experiences are meant to represent young people around the country.


In a world where young people are constantly bombarded with unrealistic expectations, information overload, and knowledge of the world’s issues, it is a stressful time for teens and young adults to grow up. Furthermore, as their skin begins to change, they are met with a skincare industry that is often confusing, misinforming, and overwhelming. Upon realizing that this industry did not have a high quality, accessible, and affordable option for teens and young people, Bubble Skincare sought to change this by creating a brand that would focus not only on helping people take care of their skin, but also making sure that people are empowered to take care of their mental health. Sabrina, a fictional freshman in college, just started using Bubble Skincare for her night routine, and has already begun to see a difference in her skin and feeling more confident.












Whether you already have some understanding of skin care or are completely new, whether you have dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, or anything in between, and no matter your identity, Bubble Skincare has something for you to start looking and feeling better. Furthermore, not only will you set a foundation for healthy skin and mind as you continue to grow and thrive, you will also help others with Bubble Skincare donating 1 percent of proceeds to organizations that provide mental support to teens.

Put your best face forward with Bubble — treat both your skin and yourself with love!