Not your average tutoring company: Build your network while bridging cultures with Ringle

Ringle’s Story

Sungpah and Hoon Lee know first hand what it is like to engage in a professional environment without knowing all of the necessary language and jargon required to excel. As MBA students at Stanford University, they found that their initial success was limited by their non-native grasp of the English language.

Inspired by their own struggles to bridge this linguistic gap, they sought to create a novel tutoring service targeted towards other international professionals who were going through similar challenges. Thus, in Stanford’s dorms, Ringle was born, with Sungpah teaching himself to code, and Hoon writing lesson packets.




Harvard and Ringle

Though Ringle was dreamed up at Stanford, it was across the country at Harvard that Sungpah and Hoon found their first tutor, an undergraduate at the College and the brother of their close friend. With him on board, grew Ringle into the platform that it is today: a place where students and professionals can connect and learn through compassionate discussions on widely-accessible digital platforms.

Today Ringle has 900 active tutors serving 8,200 active students, all while maintaining a strong relationship with Harvard: 400 Harvard students have served as tutors for Ringle over the years, and 150 are still active tutors. What’s more, Harvard students are constantly in demand from students because of their evidenced academic and professional experience.


Network through Ringle

With Ringle, not only will you be able to help break language barriers, but you will also have the opportunity to network with business professionals on a global scale. As a tutor, you will be paired with employees at international companies like Google, Amazon and Boston Consulting Group, all of whom are looking to perfect their English speaking abilities. Ringle cultivates a two-way learning process: Ringle students polish their English skills while tutors gain insightful academic and career advice during conversations. As a tutor, you can hear about your students’ authentic experiences in software engineering, management consulting, and more!

On a smaller scale, you will have the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with other Ringle tutors. Ringle selects all of its tutors from top colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. When you become a Ringle tutor, you’ll be able to meet other hard-working, driven and enthusiastic individuals within Ringle’s tight-knit tutor community. Ringle encourages all of its tutors to meet and learn from one another.



Maintain a Flexible Schedule

As a student at Harvard, it may feel like your to-do list is never ending and you don’t even have a spare second in your day to breathe. Integrating a job into your hectic school schedule can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, with Ringle, your schedule is in your own hands. Tutors are able to choose their own hours each week and work from home or their dorm room on their own terms. Whether you have 10 free hours each week to tutor or just two hours a month, there is a place for you at Ringle. Even better, engaging in a thoughtful conversation with a Ringle student often serves as an energizing study break rather than a chore. Ringle tutors genuinely look forward to their tutoring sessions, and the stimulating social interactions that they provide. Your students will soon become your friends!




For tutors, working with Ringle is incredibly easy and rewarding. Unlike other tutoring companies, Ringle doesn't require tutors to structure lesson plans, but rather provides all lesson materials and empowers them to offer corrections and improvements over the course of a more natural discussion with the student. Thus, instead of spending all of their time agonizing over planning lessons, tutors can spend their time forming genuine and rewarding connections with their students through meaningful conversations on topics such as the post-Covid world and the secret behind Netflix’s dominance.


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If you are someone that really believes in Ringle’s mission and wants to engage more, Ringle also offers many other opportunities including internships and ambassadorships.