Weekly Updates: The Top Summer Programs for College Students in 2020

Make the most of your 2020 Summer with these exciting opportunities

Whether serving as a stepping-stone to a future career path, a platform to develop a new skillset, or simply as a way of kicking back after a long year of academics, the right summer opportunity can have a tremendous impact. As important as it is for students to make the most of their summer, doing so can be a challenging and sometimes intimidating prospect.

With this in mind, we have chosen to highlight the following programs and experiences— a mixture of interesting, intellectually stimulating, and exciting options while still being remarkably accessible to current students and soon-to-be graduates.

We will be updating this list as the spring semester proceeds; be sure to check back regularly for updates and new opportunities!

1. Membership at the Harvard Club of New York



2. Flagship Fellowship Program

What is the Flagship Fellowship?

A 12-week paid summer program where exceptional innovator-entrepreneurs help create the next disruptive life science startups.


We recruit outstanding scientists, engineers, inventors and budding entrepreneurs to work hand-in-hand with our seasoned professionals through our uniquely entrepreneurial scientific exploration process, with the potential to ultimately produce pioneering new ventures. This program is exclusively for Ph.D., M.D., M.S., and science-minded M.B.A. students who are within one year of graduating or have just done so.

If you’re considering an alternative path from academia that allows you to remain engaged in creative science, Flagship’s Fellows Program offers a balance of freedom of thought, imagination, science rooted in reality and rigorous business practice.

The Flagship Fellows Program is unlike a traditional internship or academic fellowship. It provides a rare opportunity to do something different with your graduate training and to apply your scientific expertise, entrepreneurial talents, and self-starter mentality toward creating new ventures. Science is at the core of Flagship’s fellowship program—a new way of thinking about cutting-edge science that goes beyond splashy headlines to actually impact the health of people and our planet. Each day, Fellows work closely with Flagship’s team of entrepreneurial scientists to explore big ideas, look differently at scientific literature, and generate new vantage points for companies with world-changing potential.