Zhang Portrait

“I tried to build the lab as a start up environment by putting together or recruiting people who are deeply passionate,” Zhang says. “There was just this energy.”

David Cox

David Cox, a graduate student at Harvard Medical School who works in Zhang’s lab. Cox is one of a handful of graduate students who assist with research in Zhang's lab.

Late Nights, Chinese Takeout, and DNA Scissors: The Discovery of CRISPR

In science, timing is paramount. Credit for any discovery goes only to the group that publishes first.

Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli speaks in the Science Center on Wednesday night at an event organized by the Harvard Financial Analysts Club. Protesters disrupted the event, standing up, walking out, and encouraging others to move to a “teach-in” panel on AIDS treatment and unethical pharmaceutical practices.

Retrospection: Agassiz's Expeditions in Brazil

But for Agassiz, the trip to Brazil was about more than science. Not only was evolution—a process not immediately observable to the human eye—deeply antithetical to Agassiz’s staunch empiricism, evolution was profoundly at odds with his perceived world order.

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