Next Up On Harvard Divinity School’s Playlist: Jesus is King

From being "broken down" by the Devil in "The College Dropout" to proclaiming himself a god on "Yeezus," Kanye West now "bows down to the King upon the throne" in his latest release "Jesus Is King," a self-proclaimed gospel album. While some gospel artists have embraced the album, music critics have largely dismissed it as inauthentic.

The Black Sheep of Harvard Economics

Today, he sits surrounded by floor-to-ceiling shelves with books on topics from social change to imperialism, a physical manifestation of Marglin’s stark difference from many of his peers in the department.

Seeing Red with Steven Biel and Lauren Kaminsky

Yet over the course of our conversation, their story — how they individually pursued their passion for history and literature and, eventually, came to work together as colleagues and close friends — is anything but boring.

Michael Kremer’s Nobel Fight Against Global Poverty

Michael R. Kremer ‘85, who is the Gates Professor of Developing Societies, recently received the Nobel Prize in Economics alongside M.I.T professors Esther Duflo and Abhijit V. Banerjee for their “experimental approach to alleviating global poverty.”

A Feminist Intervention into Art

“There's a huge amount of unknown work by women that is worthy of study, conservation, archiving, preserving and would be a contribution to the future, instead of writing another goddamn Ph.D. on Jeff Koons.”

Socializing with President Obama's Social Secretary

Dyer, who served as Social Secretary from 2015-2017, has no shortage of stories from her time working in the Obama administration. She was in charge of hosting all the social events at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, ranging from formal state dinners to tea with the First Lady. “Man, it was crazy,” she remembers, a hint of nostalgia in her voice.

Hey Professor: Nobel Achievements with Dr. William Kaelin

A conversation with Harvard's most recent Nobel prize winner on the philosophy behind his research, the welcomeness of unexpected experimental results, and whether or not he normally wears button downs at 5 a.m.

Hey Professor: Serhii Plokhii on Ukraine’s Political Frontiers

Fifteen Minutes sat down with Professor Serhii Plokhii, the Mykhailo S. Hrushevs'kyi Professor of Ukrainian History, to discuss Ukranian history, the Trump-Ukraine scandal, and the roles that both Russia and the United States have played in shaping the country’s politics.

Asking Philosopher T. M. Scanlon ‘What We Owe to Each Other’

The title of Professor Scanlon's book, "What We Owe to Each Other," was adopted into an episode of NBC's "The Good Place." FM sat down with Scanlon to chat about "The Good Place," the definition of morality, and why we should study philosophy.

Food for Thought with Christina Warinner

A row of colorful, plastic-wrapped toothbrushes lines a shelf in Christina Warinner’s office. Their presence is a bit ironic, as Warinner’s research seems to put her at odds with dental hygiene: some of her most important discoveries come from residue left on the teeth of ancient humans.

Robert Reid-Pharr's Task to Thrive, Regardless

For Robert Reid-Pharr, cultural production allows people to understand that their humanity is “so much broader and so much grander than the things that oppress us.” Thus, he strives to write “in a way that actually feeds the soul.”

The Trigger Warning War at Harvard

Trigger warnings — advance notices that precede potentially disturbing material, often for the purported benefit of those with PTSD — have been the subject of great contention in recent years. Bellet’s studies claim to show that trigger warnings have a negligible impact on anxiety levels in response to “distressing” literary passages.

Working Out With Professor Pull-ups

Sandel hopes to continue combining his interest in philosophy with his interests in both law and fitness. “I try to take lessons that I would learn in the gym and apply them to life more generally,” he says. “Your goal is an event in its own right; pour everything you have into that and don’t look at the finish line. That is something you learn from training for these pull up competitions.”

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