Department of Athletics

Athletic Department Search Student Involvement

Co-President of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee Matthew Thomas '21 is involved with the search for Harvard's new Athletic Director, in the Winthrop dining hall early Saturday morning.

Athletics Review Will Focus on Student-Athletes’ Health and Wellness, Khurana Says

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana said he hopes the athletics review — which Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay announced earlier this semester — will center around improving student-athletes’ health and wellness.

Student Athlete Advisory Council Creates Committee to Address Athlete Isolation

In response to structural and social divides between athletes and non-athletes, the Student Athlete Advisory Council created a new committee this semester to connect athletic teams and non-athletic organizations on campus.

Bob Scalise

Director of Athletics Robert L. Scalise walks along the sidelines at the Harvard Dartmouth game Saturday afternoon.

Athletics Reviews Equitable Funding, Works to Improve Culture for Female Athletes

The Athletics department has taken several measures this semester to combat challenges that women in athletics face structurally, including conforming to new standards established by the Massachusetts Equal Pay Law.

NCAA Rules Student Athletes Can Profit From Their Image

In response to mounting pressure from a number of states to compensate student athletes, the NCAA’s top governing body voted unanimously Tuesday to allow student athletes to profit from their names, images, and likenesses.

NCAA Players Profit

After Tuesday's unanimous vote by the NCAA Board of Governors, student athletes will now be eligible to make money using their name as long as it is in line with their university's guidelines. Before this policy can be utilized, each university must submit a set of rules to the NCAA on monetary endorsements.

Scalise Says Student Athletes Face Structural Isolation on Campus

Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise said in an interview earlier this month that the College’s schedule works against inclusion on campus, structurally forcing athletes into their own isolated groups.

Harvard Athletics Will Use ‘Honor System’ to Implement Sanctions Policy

The Harvard Athletics Department will use an “honor system” to implement the College’s sanctions on members of certain single-gender social organizations, outgoing Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise said in an interview Friday.

After Admissions Scandals, Harvard Requires Coaches to Provide Proof of Recruits’ Athletic Abilities

In the wake of admissions scandals both nationwide and at the University, Harvard has implemented new policies — including requiring coaches to provide proof of recruits’ athletic abilities — to prevent fraudulent athletic admissions, according to Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise.

Athletics Complex

Many of Harvard College's athletes practice in facilities across the Charles River.

Seniors Create Club to Combat 'Underrepresentation' of Women in Harvard Athletics

More than 100 women from 19 different varsity teams have joined the club, which aims to support athletes in part through workshops, panels, and wellness classes.

Murr Center

The Harvard Athletics Department's "Crimson Mind and Body Performance Program" received a donation to expand its ability to offer mental health services to Harvard athletes and coaches.

Harvard Athletics Department and HUHS Receive Anonymous Gift to Support Student-Athlete Mental Health

The gift comes one year after the launch of the Crimson Mind and Body Performance Program. Specifically tailored to College students on varsity sports teams, the program offers mental health screenings, education, and care through workshops designed for student-athletes and their coaches.

HUHS Plans New Flu Vaccination Initiatives, Hopes to Increase Flu Vaccine Rate by At Least 20 Percent

Harvard University Health Services will provide vaccination coping strategies to students and collaborate directly with the Harvard Athletics Department in an effort to increase the undergraduate flu vaccination rate by at least 20 percent.

Harvard Announces New Fencing Coach Four Months after Brand’s Dismissal

The Athletics department named Daria Schneider the new head coach of the Harvard men’s and women’s fencing programs Tuesday afternoon.

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