Seeing into the Future of SEAS

As the SEAS Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging creates this five-year plan, we have high hopes that it will present a real step forward for a SEAS community.

TPS Rally

Bacow, Stand with TPS

Bacow has the chance to reaffirm his commitment to justice for all members of the Harvard community, no matter their origins. We urge him to take it.

Barker Center

Ethnic Studies, Yesterday

Harvard’s lack of a department or center for this field places it woefully behind its peers and severely limits its capacity to be the leader in intellectual progress it claims to be.


Concrete Steps to Change Government Department’s Climate

The department’s strides in uncovering this information cannot remain in the realm of statistics. Concrete action must follow.

Soldiers Field Road

New Uber Feature Promises Physical Safety, Data Risks

The physical safety of users must certainly be a priority for Uber, but so should their safety on the web and the privacy of their data.

United States Capitol

Harvard’s Lobbying Efforts Stay the Course

Harvard has a responsibility to fight to ensure the status of its students, faculty, and staff, and we hope that the University takes up the task at hand with moral conviction and seriousness of purpose.

Winthrop House Commencement

Sullivan’s Professional Priority Dilemma

Sullivan increasingly must make clear his priorities to the Winthrop and wider College communities, which greatly depend on him.

HMS Gordon Hall

Addressing the Opioid Crisis Online

While the Medical School can and should look for better ways to address the opioid crisis, the existing program remains laudable.

Harvard Ed Portal

How Harvard Should Further Its Local Educational Programs

We laud Harvard and its affiliates who have worked directly on these initiatives to promote educational equity and access to disadvantaged CRLS students, some of whom go on to gain admittance to the University.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office

HMC Commits to Sustainable Investments

We are hopeful that HMC’s investment will contribute to reducing fossil fuel emissions, as this specific working group encourages companies to report and reduce their methane emissions.

Winthrop Gate

Sullivan Upholds the Law, but Not His Students

We condemn his choice to represent Weinstein and urge him to address the tension between the two roles more directly than he previously has.

Year in Review - Diversity: Urban Outfitters

Harvard Square Says Goodbye Again to Affordability

The increase in high-end stores will have an adverse effect on both students and the residents of Cambridge, as affordable options become increasingly scarce.


Outgoing UC Leaders Spoke Up But Fell Short in Delivering

Despite Zhang and Boucher's shortcomings, we would be remiss not to recognize their commitment to trying to improve the Harvard experience for students.

University Health Services

Harvard Should Consider Providing Narcan

Two students’ efforts to make Narcan — a nasal spray form of the drug naloxone — widely available on campus to combat opioid overdoses are praiseworthy.

School of Public Health

Harvard Should Keep Its Research Free of Undue Corporate Influence

Harvard should take concrete steps to demonstrate that it is serious about the ethical issues underlying its research projects.