On Today’s HGSU Strike

While we continue to express our support for HGSU-UAW’s decision, we recognize that this strike will have an immense effect both on campus and nationally, and even more so if it persists.

Isn’t 50 Years Enough, Khurana?

Without any clear pathway to action, Khurana’s statement seems to be yet another sign that a multicultural center isn’t coming anytime soon. Hopefully we aren’t waiting another 50 years.

Dialogue, Not Diatribe

It is disappointing to see how Sullivan has framed the various events surrounding his leadership of Winthrop last semester, which misunderstands the depth and complexity of the experiences of those who were involved.

The First-Gen Experience, Firsthand

There is incredible value in introducing first-generation students to the wealth of knowledge that alumni have accumulated, as well as providing the beginning tools for how to network with people with whom they may have shared experiences.

What Are 2.5 Million Names Worth?

Though this program might help to facilitate fair and open communication between students and educational institutions, we cannot forget the profit motives behind the College Board’s practices.

Declaring the Right Concentration

Selecting a concentration is not so much picking the one subject you will study for the rest of your academic career as it is picking the pair of glasses through which you will view all of your other interests and puzzles.

Celebrating Scholars, not Scholarships

While we understand the importance of maintaining continued financial aid donations, which currently endow two-thirds of all financial aid, we want to challenge the way in which the event is framed and presented.

CAMHS’s New Pilot Program Is Good, But Not Great

The creation of same-day appointments is certainly a positive measure in providing stronger mental health care. But to tackle the mental health crisis, a much larger and more ambitious approach is needed.

Really? More Referenda?

But regardless of our specific takes on these referenda, we are skeptical of using UC referendum as a platform for change in the first place.

The Year the Bubbles Burst

We must acknowledge that the protection Harvard affords us will likely be just as powerful when the next recession comes, which might be soon.

For a Law School Dining Debate, Solidarity is Key

We hope that increased cooperation going forward can provide for better treatment on behalf of the thousands of people — dining hall workers, custodial services, graduate students, and more — who make our University work every day.

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