A Clothing Drive in Memory of Luke Tang

The Administration of Mental Health

In order to ensure that students with mental illnesses are being treated fairly and with dignity, the University must take a cooperative role in the treatment process.

Rakesh Khurana

Stand Up for the Sanctions, Harvard

The misguided lawsuits by mostly national national Greek organizations challenge the College’s sanctions at the expense of a more equitable student experience.

HUCTW Table 124 Mt. Auburn Street

Harvard Should Compensate Its Overworked Workers

It is only fair that Harvard remunerate employees for the extra hours they worked.

Roland Fryer

Reviewing Procedural Misconduct

The alleged harassment committed by Fryer is antithetical to the new code of conduct adopted by the American Economic Association just this spring.

Langdell Hall

In Favor of a Realistic Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity Committee at the Law School

A committee and office dealing with issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity would represent important steps in the right direction.

Lawrence S. Bacow

Bacow Should be Deliberate When Choosing to Speak Out

University President Lawrence S. Bacow should choose deliberately when to leverage the University’s influence.

Leverett: McKinlock Courtyard

Condemning the Racist Drawings in Leverett House

Racism and hate speech have no place on this campus. It’s time for Harvard students and administration to take action to show that.

The IOP's New Student Leaders

Institutionalizing Diversity at the Institute of Politics

Institutional channels at the IOP must change so the presence of members of historically underrepresented groups in leadership is not an anomaly, but a norm.

Secretary of Education DeVos

Harvard Should Continue to Focus on Helping Victims

If DeVos has placed a newfound emphasis on the protection of perpetrators’ rights, then Harvard must make its commitment to survivors’ rights equally clear.

11-2 Trial

A More Informative Trial

Especially given the historic nature of the Harvard admissions case, we welcome the opportunity the additional briefings and hearing afford Harvard to drive home its arguments.

BSOC Protest One

Progress After the ‘Profoundly Disturbing’ Incident

In light of the April 13 arrest of a black College student, there is an urgent need for clarification of jurisdictions of and services provided by HUHS and HUPD.

Pride on the Line

Putting the ‘L’ in Yale

Despite our concerns, we remain excited about the Game and all the promise it holds in store.

Divest Harvard Blockade

Vote ‘No’ On UC Ballot Referenda

The UC's choice to include purely symbolic referenda on divestment from the prison-industrial complex and fossil fuel industry appears well-intentioned but myopic.


In Support of the Palaniappan-Huesa Ticket

The ticket's emphasis on communication promises to make the greatest impact on the undergraduate body next year.

Science Center

Statistics Department Should Further Its Lead in Including Women

The Statistics Department should continue using tools like cross-faculty hiring to continue bolstering female representation in its advising network.