Winthrop Tutors Sue Eliot Faculty Dean for Defamation

Winthrop House tutors Carl L. Miller and Valencia Miller filed a lawsuit against Eliot House Faculty Dean Gail A. O’Keefe in Massachusetts Superior Court on Thursday, alleging that O’Keefe made defamatory statements both about their “professional reputation” and their response to a confrontation between them and a College student on April 3.

An Eliot Evening

Just days before a proposed strike by Harvard University Dining workers, Eliot House residents dine on dessert. Harvard is stockpiling frozen foods in its dining halls ahead of a potential strike by Harvard’s dining services workers, according to workers stationed across the College’s dining halls.

Eliot House Escape the Room

Saad Amer ‘16 (left) and two of his partners solve puzzles with clues during their one-hour Escape the Room challenge in Eliot basement.


<p>“E-L-I-O-T, you just won the lottery” basically sums up the enthusiasm and house pride that freshman can expect if they are assigned to Eliot House. Equipped with a number of unique resources and a friendly and welcoming community Eliot House continues to be “more Harvard than Harvard”—but in only the best ways possible.</p>

Broken Gender-Neutral Bathroom Sign Raises Concerns

Eliot House residents who were dismayed by a broken gender-neutral bathroom sign in the House on Wednesday characterized the act as sexist and offensive to students who identify as transgender.

Eliot House All-Gender Bathroom Defaced

In March, Eliot House residents discovered that the sign on the gender-neutral bathroom near their dining hall had been taken down. Someone had taped up a colored version of the original sign by the end of the day.

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