My hometown is ranked 54 out of 100 on the FBI’s Most Dangerous Cities list in 2019, and — based on violent crime statistics — is the most dangerous city in Texas. It is a well-known fact among our population of approximately 65,000.

Every Friday Night

Sometimes, I pretend I’m in one of those getting-ready-montage movie scenes, like the songs from Spotify’s latest pop playlist are actually my life’s perfectly-synced backup track.

To Make a Dumpling

It’s the summer before my freshman year of college, and my mom is trying to teach me as many recipes as she can before I leave for school. One day, she approaches me — she wants me to make dumplings from scratch, all on my own. While I’m usually enthusiastic about cooking together, that day I balk.


Heart Mountain, Wyoming, where more than 10,000 Japanese-Americans were interned during World War II, including FM writer Andrew W.D. Aoyama's grandmother.

When Will He Learn Chinese?

I had imagined my first conversation with Nai Nai and Gong Gong dozens of times: Greetings, ask how they’re doing, say that I’m happy at Harvard. It would be slow and awkward; I’d stumble and ask them to repeat themselves; we’d all wear broad grins.

Matteo's Nainai

5-year-old Matteo N. Wong '22 sits with his grandparents in his home in Brooklyn.

If All Space Were Safe Space

I have encountered this feeling in somewhat unconventional spaces: directing a porn film in an artist loft in Oakland, Calif., cheering from the audience as a woman reclaimed her sexuality in orgasm on a New York City stage, and participating in a “sex magic ritual” in a kinky mansion in the heart of New Orleans.

Porn Endpaper Illustration

"It is not the first time I am feeling this way — air light on my shoulders, warmth radiating off the bodies of friends, and a gut sense that my presence, or my humanity, is being realized."

Botched Statue

"But, as Dubrow and Nassif plan to “fix” a patient’s body part, they begin to claim each body part as their own creation. It became clear to me that the main tension is really about who owns each body part — the patient or the professional?"

KDrama TV

"I used to watch them with my grandmother on our couch. My Korean vocabulary was limited, so I couldn’t understand everything the characters were saying."

Looking Through Myself

When I was three my father came home from work one day with an enormous canvas, twice as big as me, featuring the photo. This canvas hung in our living room on a wall facing the front door, so any visitors to our home would be unexpectedly greeted by our smiles.

The Silence Between Us

To think of all these little moments that create the lives we lead. How different our lives become with every choice that is made. I marvel at the things not said. The untold stories floating silently in the air.

Window and Curtains

Their home is now empty. The small kitchen is empty of rich flavors and smells, the bedrooms empty of soft laughter and whispers.

Ten Steps Ahead

It was always a source of comfort to tread those paths, racing my sister through the balmy summer air, narrating a book in intricate detail to my mother, or laughing as we slipped on ice in the winter.

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