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Newport House

Newport House, formerly known as Phi Delta Sigma. After Amherst College banned in fraternities in 1984, the college purchased most of the former fraternity houses and converted them to residential houses.

Patent Pending

Some say that Harvard’s tech transfer process allows faculty to take the lion’s share of both the profit and prestige of successful inventions, leaving other inventors unsupported.

Call Him Fiery

"I am Fiery," Cushman begins his first lecture of the semester. "Fiery is pronounced like the adjective. It is actually my real name, and it’s my preference that you use it."

Fifteen Most Interesting Seniors

From ballet to frankenbikes, this year's senior class features a multitude of colorful personalities and change-makers. Fifteen Minutes Magazine caught up with 15 (more or less) particularly interesting seniors to hear what they've been up to in and outside the Harvard bubble. Get to know them before they're gone.

Harvard Yard, Uncovered

Within the confines of Harvard Yard, past and present continuously interact in unexpected ways, calling into question what gets told and how it gets told, what gets lost and why it gets lost.

The Diversity Issue

Fifteen Minutes Magazine explores the state of diversity at Harvard by examining the past and present.

Lexie Kite on beautyREDEFINED

Lexie Kite leads the Q&A session of beautyREDEFINED in Geological Lecture Halls on Oct. 20. The presentation, organized by ECHO, was co-led by sister Lindsay Kite and focused on body image resilience.

ECHO Peer Counselors

Karen M. Maldonado '18 and Cassandra Hastie '18 are both peer counselors with ECHO. “We pride ourselves on being diverse, on being the best and the brightest, but we’re not accepting of what people look like,” Hastie said of campus culture at Harvard.

"Traffic Light" Labels

A senior thesis project last year labeled foods in the dining halls with "traffic light" labels, signaling nutritional value of each food. Esteban M. Guijarro said the project invited potential to incite “fear and shame" as well as comparison of diets for those with pre-existing eating concerns.

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