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HLS Panel Discusses DACA Report Results

The event, called “What’s Next for DACA?,” highlighted the findings of the National UnDACAmented Research Project — a report exploring the impact of DACA on undocumented immigrant families.

Graduate School of Education Hosts Leadership for Student Success Panel

Post-secondary education leaders emphasized the need for universities to adopt student-centered decision making during a panel at the Harvard Graduate School of Education on Friday evening.

Affirmative Action Can Limit the Influence of Money in Higher Education, Harvard Ed School Dean Says

Graduate School of Education Dean Bridget Terry Long said in a Tuesday interview that while money and other advantages skew access to higher education in the United States, research conducted at the Ed school may help alleviate its effects.

Harvard Graduate School of Education Group Starts Disability-Focused Publication

A disabilities advocacy organization at the Harvard Graduate School of Education published the first edition of Disabilities Disclosed, a new journal focused on people’s experiences with disabilities, Monday.

David Deming Named Faculty Director of Harvard Kennedy School Wiener Center

In his new position, Deming — who also serves as a professor of education and economics at the Graduate School of Education — succeeds former Kennedy School Dean David J. Ellwood, who has held the position since 2016. Ellwood is currently a professor of political economy at the Kennedy School.

Those Who Can Do, Teach

Harvard students interested in education may encounter an undergraduate community often focused on a particular vision of success — one that does not always afford visibility to the teaching profession.

Katherine Merseth Speaks

Katherine K. Merseth is senior lecturer on education at the Graduate School of Education and professor of the popular Harvard College course USW 35: Dilemmas of Equity and Excellence in American K–12 Education.

Harvard Hosts Day-Long Conference on Mental Health for Students of Color

Harvard hosted a day-long conference entitled “Young, Gifted & Well” to promote discussion about mental health and wellness among students of color at the University at the Student Organization Center at Hilles on Tuesday.

Anthony Jack

Anthony Jack, a junior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, recently published his first book, The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges are Failing Poor Students

Ron Suskind Talks Family, Autism Communication App at Harvard Ed School

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron S. Suskind lectured on autism and identity at the Graduate School of Education Tuesday evening, sharing his experiences raising a son with autism and his efforts to develop a therapy app.

Harvard Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination Against Transgender Woman

Lawyers for Harvard submitted a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a transgender woman who is alleging that the University violated federal Title IX law and Massachusetts laws by discriminating and retaliating against her after she reported an admissions officer sexually harassed her.

Askwith Panelists Discuss Racial Inequality in 21st Century Education

Five professors from across the Northeast gathered at a forum at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Wednesday to discuss the causes of racial inequality in the United States education system. They also brainstormed solutions for bridging gaps between white children and children of color.

Harvard Receives $10 Million Grant for Rural Education Research

The grant establishes the new National Center for Rural Education Research Networks at Harvard, which aims to “build the capacity of rural school districts and supporting state agencies to use their own data to improve the education of their students.”

At "Beloved Streets" Event, Panel Discusses Race and Transformative Justice

Harvard affiliates and community leaders gathered Thursday evening for an event called “Beloved Streets: Race & Justice in America,” which marked the culmination of a winter-term course at Harvard Graduate School of Education of the same name.

Askwith Forum

Askwith Forum hosted a panel with Jennifer Blatz, Michael McAfee, Laura Pinsoneault, and Paul Reville to discuss how to use collaborative actions to improve children's lives.

Graduate School of Education Forum Panel Talks Improving Childhood Education Outcomes

Thursday’s forum was part of the Harvard Education Redesign Lab 2018 Leadership Institute, an initiative born from a GSE meeting in June 2017 on developing leaders to improve children’s education outcomes.

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