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Dean for Administration Says Harvard College Looking to Limit Spending

Harvard College is exploring ways to limit spending in preparation for a future fiscal downturn more than ten years after the 2008 financial crisis hit the University, College Dean for Administration Sheila C. Thimba said in an April 30 interview.

Divestment Protestors Interrupt Harvard University President Talk
Harvard Management Co

Harvard Management Company Compliance Chief Debates Divestment With Activists

Harvard Management Company Chief Compliance Officer Kathryn I. Murtagh spoke about Harvard's investment policies Monday at a panel that also featured students and faculty calling for the University to divest from companies with ties to the prison and fossil fuel industry.

George Putnam Jr.

Former University Treasurer and Founder of Harvard Management Company George Putnam Jr. Dies at 92

The great nephew of former University President Abbott Lawrence Lowell, Putnam created the Harvard Management Company — the firm that oversees the University’s multi-billion dollar endowment — and served as its first leader, which greatly influenced how universities manage their endowments.

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Harvard Invests Millions in New Cryptocurrency

Harvard Management Company is now investing in a new cryptocurrency, Blockstack, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings released Wednesday, a move some experts have said is still unusual for investors of its magnitude.

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New Harvard Management Company Website Removes Divestment Information, Defends Natural Resources Holdings

Harvard Management Company updated its website within the last month to remove any mention of past instances of divestment and to include references to its protocols on its investment in land and agriculture.

Water Pipes Full

After Local Outcry, a Harvard-Owned Vineyard Project Faces Environmental Review

Among some of the corporations that have expanded into the region in recent years is an unlikely investor — the Harvard Management Company. HMC, the University’s investment arm, oversees Harvard’s nearly $40 billion endowment.

Divestment Rally
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Prison Divestment Advocates Rally, Deliver Petition to Harvard President Bacow

More than 100 Harvard affiliates gathered outside of Massachusetts Hall Friday to deliver a petition to University President Lawrence S. Bacow urging Harvard to disclose and divest its holdings in companies tied to the prison industry.

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Harvard Invests Heavily in Tech Stocks Compared to Other Top Endowments

Harvard Management Company, the University’s investment arm, invests more heavily in technology companies than the other four largest university endowments in the country, according to the most recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Divest Protest
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Harvard Activists Rally, Petition for Divestment From Farmland, Prison Industry

Two divestment activist groups organized on Harvard’s campus last week, calling for ends to the University's farmland holdings and companies connected to the U.S. prison system.

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Harvard Management Company Participates in Methane Emissions Reduction Working Group

Amid Harvard’s dismissal of calls for fossil fuel divestment, Harvard Management Company — the group that oversees the University’s $39.2 billion endowment — has been one of the lead investors in a methane emissions reduction working group started in 2017.

Mass Hall, Fall 2017
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Fossil-Fuel Divestment Petition Garners More than 150 Signatures

Continuing a years-long effort, an online petition calling on Harvard to divest its holdings in the fossil fuel industry had garnered 150 signatures as of Tuesday evening.

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Harvard Management Company Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

Harvard Management Company announced Sanjeev Daga will take the helm over the University’s $39.2 billion endowment as the firm’s chief operating officer.

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Harvard Invests in Cryptocurrency, Report Says

Harvard Management Company, the firm that oversees the University's multi-billion dollar endowment, recently invested in “at least one cryptocurrency fund,” according to a report published by The Information last month.

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New Harvard Student Campaign Calls on University to Divest From Prisons

The group wants to sever Harvard's "financial ties to the prison-industrial complex by advocating for... total divestment from all corporations whose existence depends on the capture, caging, and control of human beings."

Columbia Endowment Return

Harvard Grows Revenues, Net Assets, But HMC Chief ‘Not Pleased’ With Endowment Returns

After Harvard's endowment saw the second-worst rate of return on investment in the Ivy League, HMC CEO N.P. “Narv” Narvekar said in the latest annual financial report that he is "not pleased" with the past year's returns.