Harvard Republican Club

‘An Encounter of Two Worlds’

Jonathan S. Roberts ’17 and Emily M. Hall ’18 both stood within a few thousand yards of the president. Both had traveled to Washington, D.C. for the inauguration—but they came for very different reasons.


Harvard Republican Club Treasurer Kent K. Haeffner ‘18 poses with his Jeb Bush campaign attire outside Quincy House Grille. A native Floridian, Haeffner worked on campus to foster support for the Republican ticket while Jeb Bush remained a contender for the GOP nomination.

Harvard Students Mirror Mass. Split on Charter School Question

Harvard Democrats and Republicans have ramped up efforts to sway the large percentage of undecided Massachusetts voters on the contentious charter school ballot question

‘Disheartening’ Final Presidential Debate Draws Laughter, Gasps

With Election Day less than three weeks away, students both laughed and gasped while watching Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump go head to head in the final presidential debate Wednesday night.

A Plurality of Republican Club Members Support Johnson

Nearly half of decided Harvard College Republicans not backing Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump have instead opted to support Libertarian Party nominee Gary E. Johnson, according to club president Declan P. Garvey ’17.

Pro-Trump Email Urging Students to ‘Fight White Genocide’ Circulates College

The College has requested Harvard police investigate an email sent to some undergraduates urging them to stop “white genocide” and vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

Students Pack IOP, Houses to Watch Presidential Debate

​The Institute of Politics’ John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum was filled to capacity with students eager to watch Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump duke it out during Monday’s presidential debate.

Harvard Republican Club Receives Spike in Interest After Disavowing Trump

​Interest in the Harvard Republican Club this fall is—in the language of the GOP standard bearer they declined to endorse—“yuge.”

Harvard Republican Club Will Not Support Party Nominee Donald Trump

In the scathing statement, the largest conservative group at Harvard cited “both policy and temperamental concerns” about Trump and condemned his divisive campaign rhetoric they say “is poisoning our country and our children.”

Disappointed Harvard Republicans Stall Campaigning

​Following the departure of Florida Senator Marco Rubio from the Presidential election, disillusioned Harvard Republicans are deliberating where to direct their efforts for the remainder of the election.

Harvard Republicans ‘Mourning’ Bush As Trump Surges

Harvard Republicans report “mourning” Jeb Bush’s candidacy as businessman Donald J. Trump continues to dominate the Republican field after successive wins.

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