Housing Day

Housing Day

Letters containing housing assignments were distributed on the steps of University Hall before upperclassmen stormed freshman dorm rooms.

Housing Day Playlist 2019

Check out our Housing Day 2019 playlist!

Housing Day How-To for Upperclassmen

As a freshman you were guided through housing day by a cohort of PAFs and proctors, but as an upperclassman, how are you supposed to navigate the tough calls like waking up early or actually going to class?

Adams House

The lucky group of freshmen sorted into Adams will receive a cigar and a rose upon joining this storied group of tea-drinkers. Adams House and its community are worth (literal) gold, and they’re willing to bet their cigars on it!

Eliot House

With its annual (and coveted) Fête spring formal, courtyard access to the Charles, and vibrant community, you can only hope that you’ll be hearing “E-L-I-O-T, you just won the lottery!” this housing day.

Leverett House

Known for its large and strong community, spacious rooms, and beautiful river views, Leverett is quickly shedding of its “middle-of-the-pack” reputation and coming into its own as one of the best houses on campus.

Dunster House

If you’re a fan of moose tracks ice cream and a goat roasting over an open fire (we’re very serious), then this classy house right on the Charles is truly the place for you. Just the right combo of historical and renovated, it’s hard to beat Dunster House.

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