Quincy House

Welcome to Quincy House! Known for its hot breakfast and elevated dhall, Quincy lives up to its mantra: The People’s House. With a great community, welcoming faculty deans, the iconic Qube library, and superior merch, this house has something for everyone!

How To: Celebrate Your Housing Assignment

For all the freshmen unsure of what to do now that they have their housing day assignments, flyby has your back. Check out this article for a list of things to do solo or with your blockmates after you finally know which house you have been ~sorted~ into.

Adams House

Welcome to Adams House! Boasting the largest student population on campus, a close-knit community, a 2-minute walk to the Yard, the oldest buildings on campus, spacious bedrooms, and newly-renovated dorms, Adams is the sought-after unicorn of Housing Market.

Lowell House

Welcome to Lowell House! It’s home to the iconic blue bell tower, so you have probably heard of it (or its bells, at least). On top of being one of the closest houses to the Yard, Lowell is steeped in tradition and community. From weekly tea and steins to neon raves and Roman-God-themed formals, what’s not to lo(well)ve?

Eliot House

Welcome to Eliot House! In a beautiful corner by the riverside, Eliot is next to perfection. This hidden gem of a house has some of the best views, amenities, and community. Eliot’s bougie events and traditions make you feel like royalty — every single day of the week.

Winthrop House

Welcome to Winthrop House!I It's the House where the calming waves of Charles River beckons you to lounge on the hammocks in Winthrop’s gorgeous courtyards. Where the classy music of the dhall reverberates through the hall uniting the community. And where the red lion’s den reminds Winthropians to stay Throp Strong!

Kirkland House

Welcome to Kirkland House! Yes, you’ve seen it in The Social Network, but Kirkland’s worth should not be limited to just Mark Zuckerberg’s legacy. This tiny, yet mighty, house, affectionately called “Kirk,” is seated in River West and awaits you with many unique traditions as well as an extremely tight-knit community that is hard to beat. After becoming a boar, the possibilities are endless: Want to meditate, brew some beer, or check out the comfy (as in really, really comfy) grille couches? Why not try it all!

Dunster House

Welcome to Dunster House! If you’re sorted into Dunster House, you’ll have the best of both worlds. Between scenic river views, shuttle stops right outside your door, and an amazing house community, any incoming Dunsterite can be confident that they won the housing lottery.

Leverett House

Welcome to Leverett House! If you get lucky enough to be sorted into Leverett, you’re in for a ride. Leverett House is a bustling welcoming community and if you go to some of their events you might even get lucky enough to get a picture with Taylor Swift. Yes, a full size cutout of her. HoCo chair, Audrey N. Kang ’24, says: “I think that right now Lev is in a really great place. I’d say definitely Lev probably has the most momentum out of all the houses right now.”

Mather House

Welcome to Mather House! Mather is one of the newest houses at Harvard, built in the 70s, but don’t let the building’s tough exterior intimidate you. Inside, it’s like a warm hug — filled with an outgoing and welcoming community, singles for everyone, and some of the best ragers around — Mather has something for everyone. If you get into this house, you are one of the luckiest people alive!

Cabot House

Welcome to Cabot House! Don’t let the mascot fool you: there’s nothing fishy about Cabot House. In fact, the only thing Cabot takes more seriously than fish is its slogan “Semper Cor” (which translates to “Always Heart”). Dive into the water, relax, and let Cabot glub glub its way into your heart.

Currier House

Welcome to Currier House! When you set foot in Currier, you’re definitely in for a tree-t. The amenities are endless, shared with housemates who feel like family. The Currier crew consists of forever friends, extraordinary faculty deans and tutors, dedicated dining hall staff members, and adorable furry friends. You could say Currier residents are one of a kind; those who enter Currier join the ranks of alumni like Bill Gates, Yo-Yo Ma ’76, Neil deGrasse Tyson ’80, and Michelle Wu ’07.

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