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Responding to a ‘Crisis in the Humanities,’ Harvard History Dept. Rebrands

Most notably, this fall the department rolled out a new series of “foundations” courses geared toward freshmen and students outside the concentration, including those attempting to fulfill the General Education program’s new Social Sciences distributional requirement.

Gay Announces Plans to Hire New Ethnic Studies Faculty

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay will hire three to four senior faculty to specialize in Asian American, Latinx, and Muslim American studies during the upcoming academic year, the University announced Monday.

VES Library

The fourth floor of Sever Hall houses the Visual and Environmental Studies department's film library. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will discuss a potential change to the department's name.

Creative Writing Program Receives Record Number of Applications, Moves into Lamont

For the second year in a row, a record number of students applied to and enrolled in the English department’s creative writing workshops. This spring, the program includes 24 workshops — another all-time high — in both fiction and non-fiction disciplines.

Cornel West to Teach Intro to African American Studies After 18-Year Break

Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy Cornel R. West ’74  will return to teaching African and African American Studies 10: “Introduction to African American Studies” this semester after 18 years away from the course.

Six Undergrads Win Inaugural ‘Transcript Project’

To participate in the inaugural Transcript Project, a contest for undergraduates, students submitted a piece of work that reflected on their academic experiences at Harvard not captured by their grades.

At Advising Fortnight, Humanities Admins Seek Students Amid Falling Interest

Thirty-one of the 67 events included in this year’s iteration of Advising Fortnight—an annual program—focused on concentrations that fall under the arts and humanities umbrella.

Arts and Humanities Juniors Prepare Senior Thesis Proposals

With fewer than two months remaining in the spring semester, many juniors across arts and humanities concentrations are gearing up to submit senior thesis proposals.

Reading List of Flagship Humanities Course Evolves

In extending the length of the class, the professors added a wider selection of books to the syllabus, which they tweak slightly each year.

Protest as Poetry at the “Migration and the Humanities” Conference

​The Feb. 8 and 9 “Migration and the Humanities” conference, organized by the Mahindra Humanities Center, set out to illustrate a point: that the humanities are a powerful way of understanding the modern migratory experience.

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