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The Half-Century Fight for a Multicultural Center

For almost half a century, students have been calling for the University to build and fund a multicultural center. For nearly half a century, Harvard has said no.

Students Hope for 'Sustainable Change' at Ivy Mental Health Conference

​Delegates from Harvard discussed the College’s mental health resources at the second-ever Ivy League Mental Health Conference.

Arab Students Association Hosts ‘Teach-In’ With Legal Experts

On Feb. 8, the Harvard Arab Students Association hosted a "teach-in" with legal analysts in response to President Trump's travel ban.

Islamic Society to Host Anti-Islamophobia Event

A Facebook page for the teach-in invites attendees to “come learn about Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment” in “the wake of the election.”

HILR Convocation

Matthew Desmond, author of Evicted and a sociology professor at Harvard, speaks about his work at the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement convocation. HILR is a community of retirees who attend and teach classes, and is a part of Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education.

Occupation and LGBT Rights

Aeyal M. Gross, a Harvard Law School alumnus and current Associate Professor at Tel Aviv University, discusses LGBT rights in Israel. The event, “When LGBT Rights Are used to Justify Occupation: How We Can Advocate Without Pinkwashing Oppression,” was organized by Harvard Law School Lambda, a community of students who identity as LGBTQ+.

Law School Affiliates Unsurprised, But Divided Over Seal Recommendation

While Harvard Law School affiliates agree that a committee’s recommendation to change the school’s controversial seal was the expected result of a fair process, they remain divided over the recommendation itself.

Social Justice Over Dinner

Last week, the College outfitted a number of dining halls with laminated placemats described as "[guides] for holiday discussions on race and justice with loved ones." Aaron I. Henricks ’16 said he found the publication of the placemats by an official Harvard office “beyond inappropriate and arrogant,” criticizing their one-sided presentation of “highly debateable subjects.” The placemats offer a single response to each proposed question.

Cultural Student Groups Plan Coalition for ‘Collective Action’

As college students across the country stage protests in response to race-related incidents on their campuses, some cultural student groups at Harvard are planning to form a coalition “to present demands to the administration.”

Comping Creativity

​When high school seniors open their acceptance letters to Harvard, they are invited to attend one of the world’s most exclusive institutions. But when students who decide to matriculate arrive on campus as freshmen, they find a whole new set of exclusive institutions with their own barriers to entry. Getting into Harvard doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel at home here.

Black Students Share Experiences Through Photo Campaign

Several black Harvard students shared what being black meant to them in a single word for a new photo and video campaign.

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