Janet Mock Honored in Harvard's Annual Cultural Rhythms Show

The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations held its annual Cultural Rhythms Show honoring Janet Mock, an acclaimed writer, producer, director, and transgender rights advocate, in Sanders Theater Saturday.

The Kirkland Shield

The Kirkland Shield and the Confederate flag are officially unrelated.

Becoming Jared Kushner

Although it is difficult to determine the structure of private corporations like Kushner Companies, mortgage documents obtained by The Crimson indicate that Jared Kushner was vice president of 10 corporations as an undergrad, each of which operated as a part of Kushner Companies.

'Little to Do with Anything' Provides Pointed Fun

​“We have statues to pee on,” says one of the characters, a Harvard student, while encouraging another to hurry up in “Little to Do with Anything.” Kirkland Drama Society’s newest production—its annual, very loose adaptation of a Shakespeare farce—is a version of “Much Ado About Nothing,” relocated to Cape Cod and set a week before graduation.

Kirkland Jedi

Michael C. Rose ’17 dressed as a jedi for Housing Day. Students in Kirkland, famous for their house spirit, staked out the John Harvard statue in the middle of the night, according to Rose.


<p>You’ve probably heard talk about the incestuous parties that take place in Kirkland House around the holidays, but have you ever stopped to think how a community could get close enough to condone such a thing? Part of the reason might be that Kirkland is rich with spirit and tradition, creating some of the biggest connections inside of one of the smallest Houses. </p>

Lucy Liu at Kirkland

Lucy Liu speaks during a tribute held in her honor at Kirkland Junior Common Room on Saturday morning. Liu was named the 2016 Artist of the Year award from the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations at the annual Cultural Rhythms show later in the day.

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