Animal Rights Group Alleges Medical School Caused Primate Death, Violated Animal Welfare Act

An animal rights group alleges Harvard Medical School caused the death of an experimental primate and filed “fraudulent” reports with the United States Department of Agriculture, according to a federal complaint the group filed with the USDA Nov. 30.

Harvard Medical School Does Not Plan to Go Tuition-Free Despite Example Set by NYU

The New York University School of Medicine generated national headlines and some glowing editorials when it announced over the summer that it planned to go tuition-free. Harvard, though, has no plans to follow suit.

Longwood Students to Boycott Campus Cafeterias During HUDS Strike

As Harvard’s dining services workers​ prepare to begin their strike Wednesday, students on the University’s Longwood campus in Boston​ are planning their own demonstration.

In Longwood, Medical Students Rally for HUDS

A crowd of Medical School students rallied Monday in support of the University’s dining services workers, who are threatening to strike.

Med Students Deliver Petition to Mass Hall

The group of students planned to deliver the petition to University President Drew G Faust, whose office is located in Mass. Hall, but she was not there to accept the petition, according to Nelson Malone, one of the petition’s main organizers.

Harvard Will Submit Comments on Changes to Research Approval Process

The federal government proposed major reforms to the "Common Rule," which mandates approval from an institutional review board for research proposals involving the use of human subjects.

NYC Health Commissioner Talks Racial Inequalities in Health

The commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene argued that public health professionals have an important role to play in addressing systemic racial inequality.

Sweet Tooth and The Sugar Babies

Demeyer Lauture and Cody Volk of local band Sweet Tooth and the Sugar Babies perform at an informal concert at Blackfan Circle in the Longwood Medical Area on Wednesday. The band played as Longwood area researchers enjoyed lunch from food trucks the Chicken and Rice Guys, the Cupcakory, and Boston's Baddest Burger.

Longwood Medical Area Theft

Over $14,000 worth of equipment was allegedly stolen at the Harvard Medical School’s Longwood Campus last Thursday.

Employee Robbed in Longwood Medical Area

A Harvard Longwood campus employee was attacked from behind and robbed of his wallet as he was unlocking his bike from a rack on Friday night.

Federal Funding Initiative Could Bolster University’s Genomics Research

Harvard genomics researchers could see increased funding for their work should Congress approve a White House proposal to allocate millions more dollars to the research of medical treatments personalized to a patient’s genetic information.

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