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"Reimagine This Place", an event organized by the MIT Media Lab students and staff, is an art-based fundraiser in response to the recent revelations of MIT’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein that attempts to "reimagine this place," referring to both MIT and the larger world.

Nobel Prize in Economics Awarded to Harvard Professor Michael Kremer

Economics Professor Michael Kremer ’85 won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences along with two MIT professors for their work on developing an experimental methodology for alleviating poverty around the world.

UC Berkeley Files Patent Motions Against Harvard, MIT

The University of California, Berkeley alleged in documents submitted Tuesday to the US Patent and Trademark Office that the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT employed “deceit” to win patent rights to CRISPR-Cas9 in eukaryotic cells.

US Patent Office Will Intervene in CRISPR Dispute Between UC Berkeley and Harvard, MIT

In its declaration of interference, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the USPTO initiated proceedings to settle priority issues between 10 patent applications filed by UC Berkeley in 2018 and 13 patents previously awarded to the Broad Institute.

Broad Institute Announces New Cancer Center to Develop Noninvasive Treatment Methods

The Broad Institute announced plans to launch the Gerstner Center for Cancer Diagnostics after receiving a total endowment of $25 million, according to a Tuesday press release. The Center will work towards developing a new method of cancer diagnosis and treatment using blood samples.

The Broad Institute

The Broad Institute.

Bitcoin Expo 2018

The MIT Bitcoin Club hosted their Bitcoin Expo 2018 earlier in March.

A Familiar Face, A Diverse Portfolio

Bacow, according to many of his colleagues at Tufts and MIT, is no stranger to challenges of diversity and inclusion—and his past actions might hint at how he will tackle these issues from Massachusetts Hall.

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