City Council Calls on Harvard to Strip Sackler Name From Art Museum

The Cambridge City Council passed a resolution Monday calling on Harvard to remove Arthur M. Sackler’s name from its museum. Cambridge Mayor Marc C. McGovern proposed the resolution, which was passed unanimously by the council.

Peabody Director Proposes Increasing Public Access to Slave Photos at Center of Lawsuit

The Faculty Executive Committee of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology will develop initiatives to increase public access to a set of historic photographs of enslaved people at the center of a lawsuit against Harvard, according to an email museum director Jane Pickering sent to the Committee.

Harvard Affiliates Petition University to Return Images of Slaves to Their Descendant

Nearly 200 Harvard affiliates and supporters signed onto an online petition calling for Harvard University to stop continuing to display, publish, and sell the rights to the images of two enslaved people.


The Kronosaurus, K. queenslandicus, at Harvard University's Museum of Comparative Zoology, discovered in the 1930s, may have been reconstructed with too many vertebrae.

HMSC Head Jane Pickering Appointed New Peabody Director

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay has appointed Jane Pickering as the new director of the Harvard Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Gay announced in an email to museum affiliates Tuesday.

Agassiz Name on Harvard Campus Honors Not Louis Agassiz, But Wife and Son

A recent lawsuit accusing former zoology professor Louis Agassiz of using photos of slaves to promote racist ideologies has reignited conversations about his name and legacy, but, Harvard staff say the Agassiz name on campus honors the contributions of his wife and son rather than his own.

Mothers of Opioid Victims Urge Harvard to Remove Sackler Name, Bacow Refuses

The mothers’ efforts to pressure the University come at a time when other prestigious institutions that have received donations from the Sacklers are grappling with similar entreaties from activists.

‘Common Threads: Weaving Stories Across Time’ Holds True to Its Name

“Common Threads: Weaving Stories Across Time,” which runs through Jan. 13 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, features a diverse collection of textile-inspired artworks of different mediums, created by contemporary artists from around the world. The exhibit strives to “explore the ways in which the art of the past continues to inspire artists now” and executes this goal perfectly. Each piece is distinctive from the others, and ties together both old and new elements of textile art in a novel way.

‘Common Threads: Weaving Stories Across Time’ Holds True to Its Name

Even for non-contemporary art enthusiasts, this exhibit is a must-see. Though the exhibit itself is not large, it leaves a powerful impression on the viewer that will last well beyond the walls of the museum. “Common Threads: Weaving Stories Across Time” truly lives up to its name, beautifully demonstrating how art can break barriers and connect people across time and across cultures.

An Invitation to Play: The MFA Winnie-the-Pooh Exhibition

It’s loud, exciting, and stimulating, and this emphasis on interplay — and play itself — is no accident. Wall text abounds with descriptions of collaboration between the Milne-Shepard families, as well as the subtlety of “Winnie-the-Pooh’s” educational agenda.

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