beyonce homecoming

‘Homecoming’ Will Have You Coming Back for More

With remixed instrumentals, powerful vocals, and the quintessential mixture of her most acclaimed hits, “Homecoming” is a live album that surpasses all expectations and pitfalls of its form.

in league with dragons

The Mountain Goats Explore Fantasy with ‘In League With Dragons’

Songs on ‘In League With Dragons’ reach back toward Darnielle’s past work from an older perspective, crafting a fuller picture of the desperation of his youth.

'Me!' image (Taylor Swift)

Take ‘Me!’ at Face Value

As cryptic as the days leading up to its the release were, “Me!” is remarkably transparent and par the course for Swift.

record hospital still

Local Bunk Bands and Punk Lovers Come Together at Record Hospital Fest

“The event is a time where members of the community can interact with Harvard students around music, which is one of the goals of the Record Hospital.

extra extra yardfest

Portrait of an Artist: Extra Extra

"Before Extra Extra, we were just little fetuses kicking around, drifting in this empty void."

cuz i love you still

‘Cuz I Love You’ Wastes Lizzo’s Magic

The album may be currently top of the iTunes chart, but this commercial success has nothing to do with Lizzo’s artistry and everything to do with industry peddling.

rememory cover

‘Rememory’: A Nostalgic Collaboration Between Supa Bwe and Chance the Rapper

Eventually as the song comes to a close with an echoed rap of “Way back,” “Rememory” comes full circle to the youthful, music-box-like quality it started with, leaving a sentimental impression.

cage the elephant cover

Cage the Elephant’s ‘Social Cues’ Keenly Grapples with Life’s Exhaustible Pleasures

Midlife crises deserve their own soundtrack, and Cage the Elephant rightfully rises to the occasion to prove it on their fifth album.

maybe theres life

Portrait of an Artist: Michael A. Osei ‘21 and Lincoln A. Hart ‘21

It was exhilarating to be able to perform for that many people. I never had a crowd of 1,500 to 2,000 people with a stage that epic looking.

khalid free spirit

Khalid’s ‘Free Spirit’ Still Has Some Growing to Do

Though “Free Spirit” more often than not falls into the generic pop trap, a few hidden gems suggest Khalid’s personal and artistic growth.

Yardfest Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter: Yardfest 2019 Edition

"I’m actually not entirely sure who’s playing."


ABHW Brings Rico Nasty to Harvard

The discussion covered a variety of topics such as Rico Nasty’s artistic inspirations, son, target audience, and unconventional style.

Yardfest Tyler the Creator

An Interview with Boston Calling Co-Founder Brian Appel

"Over the last 10 festivals, we’ve booked really diverse line ups, so you’ve got a lot of hip hop, a lot of indie rock, DJs, rock and roll bands, comedians, even podcasts. If I had to say there’s one common thread, it’s artists that tend to be incredible live performers."

foreign air the middle east

Foreign Air Brings their ‘Loud Magic’ to Cambridge

Multi-colored lights flashed behind the band but, when it came to punctuating their set, they turned to corny jokes rather than theatrics.

Epik High

Epik High Spends A Sleepless Night in Boston

As the first song drew to a close, orange and red lights filled the club, signaling the rise of a percussive, up-tempo frenzy, as Tablo and Mithra Jin used their plastic water bottles to splash their fans.