‘Fine Line’ and the Church of Harry Styles

As long as the zeitgeist has demanded a pop idol, Harry Styles has delivered. With his credo of kindness, equality, and visibility, there are surely worse altars at which to worship.

Frank Ocean is Done with Vulnerability on ‘In My Room’

If these tracks are representative of Frank Ocean’s direction following his critically-acclaimed album “Blonde,” they suggest that Ocean is experimenting with abstract concept songs that lack clear narratives.

Bishop Briggs Proves to Boston that She’s a ‘Champion’

Bishop Briggs is not one to shy away from the dramatic.

Selena Gomez Can’t Find a Good Chorus

One would expect her first independent singles in years to be songs that could only come from Gomez’s voice alone, but there is nothing unique about either of them.

From ‘iMi’ to ‘We’: Bon Iver Preaches Pluralism at TD Garden

The band used a sound system called L-ISA that created a stereo sound throughout the arena, allowing the audience to distinctly hear where each sound on the stage came from.

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