Souza, Former White House Photographer, Reflects on Obama Administration

Pete Souza, the official photographer of the the Reagan and Obama administrations, discussed his new book and shared some of the iconic images of his time at the White House at the Institute of Politics Wednesday.

Ray Mabus on Foreign Policy

Raymond E. Mabus, former Secretary of the Navy, talks about the future of U.S. foreign policy Tuesday night in the Kirkland Senior Common Room. Mabus is an IOP Visiting Fellow.

Obama Publishes Piece in Law Review

The Harvard Law Review published an article by President Barack Obama on criminal justice reform on Thursday—the first time a sitting president has published an article in the Law Review.

Meeting at the White House

Jeremy C. Stein, pictured here in a previous meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House in 2009, is a current professor in the Economics Department. Stein was an advisor in the U.S. Treasury Department after the 2008 financial crisis.

Economist Stein Brings Crisis Experience to the Classroom

Though he occasionally steals away to shape the nation's economic policy, Jeremy Stein always returns to his office at the Littauer Center for Economics, equipped with a whole new palette of experiences to recolor his curriculum.

Earnest Defends Contentious White House-Press Relationship

Earnest highlighted the tension present in his role as press secretary, saying that he welcomes conflict between the administration and the press, calling it “part of what makes for a healthy democracy.”

Wendy Sherman, Chief Negotiator, Talks Iran Deal

The former State Department official, who served as the lead American negotiator of the nuclear deal between Iran and a group of six countries led by the U.S., spoke candidly about the historic diplomatic effort.

Department of Education Releases Finalized College 'Scorecard'

The final version of the scorecard departs from previous plans, which called for explicit ranking of colleges against one another.

Obama Visits Boston and Announces Executive Order

Among supporters and labor officials in Boston, Obama announced his new executive order and criticized Republican economic policies.

Obama Comes to Boston

President Barack Obama walks across the tarmac after arriving in Boston on Monday.

Study Proposes Excise Tax on Harvard’s Endowment

If implemented, the tax would generate approximately $5 billion of revenue, according to the study published this month by the Nexus Research and Policy Center.

Obama Unveils 'Student Aid Bill of Rights'

President Barack Obama announced several new initiatives to make higher education more affordable and to help students repay debts on Tuesday.

Supreme Court Will Likely Uphold Affordable Care Act, Law Profs Say

For his part, University Professor Laurence H. Tribe ’62 predicted a 6-3 decision in favor of upholding the healthcare law.

7 Q's With Jeffrey DeLaurentis

Following the historic announcement on Dec. 17 that diplomatic relations would be restored between the U.S. and Cuba, Jeffrey DeLaurentis, chief of mission of the U.S. Interests Section in Cuba, recently sat down with Fifteen Minutes for a conversation about U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba.

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