Op Eds

John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse

We Testified, It’s Time for Action

Administrators, you have our demands. You know what we need. Do something about it.

Textbooks at The Coop

Rethinking Tuition and Textbooks

Harvard has a chance to affirm the dignity of all its students and make them feel as though all classes are accessible for students of all economic backgrounds by restructuring the relationship between tuition and textbooks.


Philosophy: The One Subject Harvard Should Require

Not only is philosophy worth studying, it is the only subject that Harvard should require all students to take.


Make Peer Counseling Available Over Text

The apparent lack of an anonymous text-based support service is a gap that Harvard’s student and staff-operated mental health resources would do well to focus on.

Andover Hall

Why Love a Tree

There is a greater symbolic value to the tree, and it shocks me that one of the world’s preeminent institutions of semiotic thought seems so unable to grasp it.


I Am An Asian-American Who Benefits From Affirmative Action

It was the diversity that exists in Harvard’s student body that, ironically enough, allowed me to feel at home for the first time in my life.

Winthrop House Commencement

Dean Sullivan Deserves Applause, Not Admonishment

Sullivan’s decision extends Harvard students a critical opportunity to learn of the importance of engaging with other viewpoints.


Harvard, Remove Dean Sullivan

We demand that the Harvard administration immediately remove Sullivan from his position as faculty dean of Winthrop House.


Ending Unsheltered Homelessness in Harvard Square

As the city of Cambridge and Harvard students struggle to help the homeless, one party is conspicuously absent — the University.

The Spee Club

Include Exclusivity

By moving to phase out social organizations which for centuries have had a formidable presence on Harvard's campus, the University strikes out against the very principles which it claims to herald.

Winthrop Gate

Winthrop, Weinstein, and Why We Need Faculty Dean Accountability

As someone who loves Winthrop and served as its House Committee chair, Sullivan’s choice feels like a personal betrayal.

Barker Center 114

A Call for Undergraduate Senior Capstone Courses

As most seniors have only four more classes to take, naturally, they will want to make these final courses count.


Learning from the Past, Building a More Inclusive Future

We have a responsibility to set an example as a place where all members of our community can thrive while being treated with dignity and respect.

Supreme Court

Harvard Law School: It's Time to be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem, with Judicial Clerkships

Representation is not enough to ensure justice for marginalized groups, but in an era when our country’s most vulnerable are under constant attack, representation matters more than ever.

Open Campus Initiative and Free Speech

A Despicable Consensus

Strong ideas and values arise from debate and struggle with different philosophies, not from reinforcement and patting each other on the back.