Leaves Outside Quincy House Catch Fire

Leaves on a ventilation grate outside of Quincy House’s New Residence Hall caught fire Monday afternoon, sending plumes of smoke into the air and triggering a multi-engine response from the Cambridge Fire Department.

An MD and a PHD

Senan Ebrahim '12, a former Quincy House resident and current tutor, enjoys a nice day outside in O'Donnell courtyard. Ebrahim is a current MD/PhD candidate at the Harvard Medical School and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Haunted Houses

A haunted house is set up in the basement of Quincy House for Harvard students to enjoy. According to Quincy HoCo, it is the only haunted house in the area.

Quincy Tree Removal

The Harvard Landscape Services’ truck was parked inside the Quincy House Courtyard early Wednesday morning. The Landscape Services removed several diseased trees that posed safety hazards

Quincy House

Quincy House boasts a convenient location and a stellar House Grille. Here's everything you need to know about this much sought-after house.

Super Bowl Celebrations

Quincy Faculty Dean Deborah J. Gehrke sprays champagne on students in the Quincy Courtyard on Sunday night in celebration of the New England Patriot’s Super Bowl LI overtime upset.

Moments of Desperation

Rush Doshi, donning a Hillary Clinton sticker, checks his phone in despair shortly after the announcement of Donald Trump winning Ohio. Doshi attended the watch party in Quincy dining hall Tuesday night.

Harvard has Raised $230 Million for House Renewal as of March

The figure puts Harvard a little more than halfway towards its $450 million fundraising goal for the project, one of the key priorities of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ ongoing $2.5 billion capital campaign.

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