Who Does the Celebration of Scholarships Celebrate?

First generation and lower-income students benefit enormously from financial aid; they are also the only students asked to attend the Celebration of Scholarships and navigate the potentially uncomfortable social situations within.

With a Degree of Uncertainty

Neither professors, nor parents, nor Faust could help the class of 2009 answer that question in the midst of an unprecedented and unpredictable economic climate. So they went into the world and figured it out.

How to Build a Concentration

In 1981, Colker was asked to donate her thesis to a women’s studies library that students were curating to convince Harvard to create a women’s studies concentration. By then, both students and the University had an increased understanding of the field as legitimate and deserving of attention.

Those Who Can Do, Teach

Harvard students interested in education may encounter an undergraduate community often focused on a particular vision of success — one that does not always afford visibility to the teaching profession.

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