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“Stress with Answers:" Gina Kennedy and Navigating Pressure in Elite Squash

Senior squash co-captain Gina Kennedy commands one of the most demanding schedules on campus between training, school, and matches. In such an individual sport, the veteran star talks performance, teamwork, and the future.

Crafting a New Identity: Women's Basketball Midseason Report

That first practice, in many ways, perfectly represented the tabula rasa from which Delaney-Smith, co-captains Levy and Mackenzie Barta, and the team’s veterans have had to mold and craft this brand-new team featuring five first-years and four new starters.

Harvard Men's Tennis' Family Dynasty: Bo and Lane Leschly

Both junior Lane Leschly and sophomore Bo Leschly play varsity tennis at Harvard.  Their grandfather, Jan Leschly, played professionally for Denmark. Their father, Mark Leschly ’90, also played for the Crimson.

Where All the Action Happens: The Adams Housing Day Video

You’ll be hard pressed to find any Harvard fans belting out lines about Old Eli and Harvard holding sway at The Game this weekend – but shout “We be in Adams!” in the vicinity of any Crimson-clad student and it’s a near-guarantee that you’ll be met with a resounding “that’s where all the action happens!”

High Expectations: 2019-20 Harvard Men's Basketball Preview

In some ways, the seniors have fulfilled all of the expectations that were placed on the group, which 247 Sports’ Composite Team Rankings regarded as the 25th-best recruiting class in the nation. They have won at least a share of the Ivy League title in consecutive years and last season advanced to the second round of the NIT for the first time in program history. But one achievement is missing: an NCAA Tournament appearance.

NCAA Greenlights Players Profiting Off of Image: What's Next?

In an unprecedented move, the leaders of the NCAA unanimously approved to begin the process of altering current rules so that college athletes can profit off of their names, images, and likenesses. What will it mean for Harvard?

With Court to Corporate, Kirby Porter ’18 Aims to Reshape the Narrative Around Athletes in Business

Those passions inspired Porter to create Court to Corporate — a digital platform that aims to “amplify the journey of athletes in corporate America to provide the mentorship, tools, and connectivity for the next generation to succeed,” according to the organization’s website.

First-Year Athletes Impetus in Scooter Revolution

Scooters are inundating campus, and many are blaming the first-year athletes. With a need to cross the river on a daily basis, scooters represent an easy alternative to walking.

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